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About Us

In the current constantly evolving telecom networks, customers are demanding for single click access on their mobile for all the services. Mobility has enabled users to become more agile and productive laying exponential growth platform. With the increasing number of mobile user population across the globe, operators are looking for robust solutions that can manage and handle high volume of voice, data and VAS services including OTT applications. Along with the increase in voice and data applications, SMS has become more popular across the globe for various business processes, apart from the traditional communication platform.

In the modern day, SMS marketing has become a common and proven trend that has enabled several companies to increase their reach and visibility across different regions. Enterprise businesses have considered SMS marketing as their regular marketing activities as it yields faster results compared to bulk emailing and calling. Increasing popularity and marketing activities has led to high volume of SMS traffic which is more than the volume current telecom networks are designed for. In such case, it becomes imperative for telecom operators to distribute the traffic through various SMS aggregators and SMS reseller networks. There are very few industry focused SMS gateway solution available in the market that can be customized and innovate as per the business requirements.


TeleOSS, a product of Aruhat Technologies, designs and develops Value Added Services (VAS) solutions for SMS industry. With more than a decade years of experience in developing SMS gateway solutions for wide range of customers from various countries, TeleOSS SMS gateway solution is one of the leading VAS product in the market. SMS aggregators and resellers globally trust TeleOSS’s bulk SMS gateway software solution because of the open architecture and customizable features. The SMS gateway solution is loaded with advanced features required by the bulk SMS marketing industry.

Our product portfolio also includes DataCrops which is a comprehensive web data extraction platform which helps enterprise and businesses to swiftly import the online information for market research, analysis and analytics. In addition, we are also leading provider of bulk SMS marketing services through our advanced platform of VIBGYORtel. Our range of product and services enable SMS Aggregators, SMS resellers, Telecom Operators and Marketing agencies to gain an edge over the competition and enhance their offerings in the market with the advanced features in our solutions.

We are bound by certain vision, mission, values and strong team structure which helps in delivering the best in class solutions in the market. We design the solution that can be deployed in international telecom networks also. It needs complete knowledge of compliance of each country and telecom norms and regulations which our solutions fully comply.

Our Vision

The company started with a vision to create telecom focused solutions that enables the VAS service providers and businesses with right solution. There are several products in the market for SMS marketing but very few solution has been created focusing on the network and functionalities needed for SMS aggregators. Some of the solutions are either open source or in-house development which ultimately leads to lack the advanced features that are already used by international players.

Our simple vision is to enable SMS aggregators and telecom operators to provide the international standard of solution. By achieving this goal, we believe that TeleOSS will automatically fulfill its vision of leading player in the international market among all other VAS solution providers. TeleOSS SMS gateway is a pioneer in the industry which has Gateway as a product in the market. Rest of the API based solutions are not customizable as per the clients requirements. The network scalability that you can achieve with TeleOSS gateway solution or any of the TeleOSS software solutions is least comparable with other solutions in the market.

We are proud of customers who have chosen TeleOSS by trusting us and their business on us. We will ensure that our customers get the best in class support and services as and when needed. It is because of our customers in the national and international market that TeleOSS is today considered as the one of the leading players in the market. We keep innovating our solutions on regular basis and ensure that all our customers get the benefit of latest features and functionalities by which they can also innovate their business offerings and gain faster revenue generation. We have round the clock support which can be used by our clients whenever they have any technical query regarding our solution.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To serve enterprise customers by providing easily integratable software products and solutions, which are either part of core revenue generation or are part of revenue booster. When the SMS industry was gaining pace at that time neither the telecom operators nor the network was ready to cater the huge volume of SMS. Within a short span of SMS launch, the volume increased by several times it became very difficult for the operators to handle the SMS volume.

At that it was unexpected and unimagined growth that anyone could have ever forecasted. In such case, the market needed SMS industry focused solution that can help the operators, SMS aggregators and resellers to serve the SMS through right set of features.

TeleOSS was born due to the unprecedented growth of SMS in the market.

While developing the TeleOSS there were several aspects which were covered so that the solution can easily support not only the current requirements but also the future networks. The first mission that we ensured while developing our solution is the scalability and advanced future functionalities that are needed by the operators and SMS aggregators using our solution.

Whether it is Bulk SMS network, Enterprise network, Telecom network, Smart city network, OTT network or IoT network, our solutions are robust and comprehensive enough to support your all kinds of network requirements. Secondly, our mission is to build all the solutions that are needed by the SMS industry whether it is SMS gateway solution, SMS router, SMS controller, SMS Hub or OTT marketing gateway, we wish to create complete set of solution platform from where our clients can choose their choice of products. This will not benefit them from support calls but help in getting faster solution as per their business requirements as well.

Our Values

Being a business ourselves, we understand that ‘Quality’ of solution and service one single mantra that can help you grow in the market. There are hundreds and thousands of SMS gateway software solutions available in the market, but still our customers trust us because of the quality and advanced features that we offer in the product. We may compromise on price for an instance but never on the quality of solution or service.

Customer service is not only our philosophy or process it is our religion and we stringently believe in providing the best customer service to our customers. Whether you choose us for a complete solution an add-module of SMS gateway, we ensure that you get the same amount of service as large customers. We are proud of customers who provide us repeat business by trusting us and our solutions. We boast for having long standing customers since several years who believe in us and choose our SMS gateway solution and SMS Hub software for their upcoming networks. In the current cut throat competitive era, we believe customer service and quality of product can enable any company to grow in the market.

We keep ourselves abreast of the things that are trending in the market. New solutions that enables our customers to launch innovative offering and generate additional revenue generating platforms. We also ensure that our customers are updated about the latest features trending in the international market. There are several business concepts which are new region to region, so we also educate them through mailers, workshops and webinars so that they can create an edge over the competition and gain maximum business using TeleOSS SMS messaging suite solutions.

Our Team

If we are asked what is the main asset of our company then we would say that Our Team is the only strength and asset of the company which has also shown full dedication and support at each and every phase of the company. We are blessed to have a talented and passionate team that is available at any hour to support client requirements and business. We are a leading SMS gateway software solution in the market because of the innovative and creative thought process of our team which comes up ideas that can benefit SMS aggregators an customers in SMS industry.

With strong knowledge and experience in product designing as well as development, the never-say-no attitude of our team has enabled several clients to get even the most complicated solutions with simple approach.

We have a complete set of solution developers who understand the client requirement, analyze the market trends and based on that come up with apt solution that can help the client business.

Our Team

We have QA team which helps in offering flawless solution to clients by going through three layers QA process. The team is responsible to keep the solution bug-free and ensures the entire feature set goes a stringent QA process that keeps the solution bug-free and user-friendly at client end. We also have teams which are readily available to support the clients after the sales. The post-sales support team take calls from national and international clients whenever our customers have queries related to our solutions deployed in their network.

Whether it is SMS gateway solution, SMS router, SMS controller or SMS Hub, we have technical staff available readily available provide you end-to-end support any point of time our client needs. We ensure that our clients should feel like working with their own team while working with us. For that we have complete infrastructure readily available so that team can share their information, communicate, take video-conferencing as well as conference anytime. In short, the young and dynamic team of TeleOSS is a technology-driven enthusiastic who love to provide best in class products and solutions to clients.

IT Infrastructure

For achieving high efficiency performance, we have transformed 80% of our systems and servers to open source technology. Our IT infrastructure consists of cloud based servers, dedicated servers, dedicated lease lines and network with firewalls to protect internal and external networks from security vulnerabilities. Client confidentiality and information related to their business is of utmost important as our business’s critical information. We ensure all the details provided by the customer as well as client’s software data is stored with best security solutions. We use the best technology and licensed software in our network by which there is no glitch anywhere in the network.

Result Oriented Approach

Result Oriented Approach

We focus on results and align all our activities with them. We provide free flow communication from top to bottom; bottom to top for transparency, fast decision making and to promote creative; innovative ideas in the Organization. We invest 2% of the top line revenue in various employee developmental plans. We aim to achieve our goals and create new horizons of success & growth for every stakeholder no matter how big or small – we are associated with. Our mantra is Succeed and Exceed.

In short, we are a company that believes in developing innovative solutions, offering best in class customer service and leading ahead in the market by using advanced technology infrastructure to support next generation networks.

For more information regarding our company or TeleOSS SMS Software solutions, please email us at info@teleoss.co