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Messaging Suite

Smart Messaging Suite

TeleOSS Smart Messaging Suite is a unified delivery platform for all messaging channels viz. SMS, USSD, MMS, IVR, eMail and eFax.

The Smart Messaging suite is ready to integrate platform with standard protocols, modules and central control management interface and supports all business and technology needs of service providers. The messaging suite offers messaging gateway, messaging hub, messaging router,wholesale hubbing solution, messaging controller, consent gateway, two-way communication platform. The platform has been designed based on service oriented approach where any new service and business can be implemented quickly and new revenue streams are enabled. TeleOSS enterprise grade platform is robust and scalable to integrate with complete stack of communication protocols for SMS, MMS, USSD, IVR and e-mail over HTTP, HTTPs, XML, SMTP, SMPP, SIP, SS7, SIGTRAN, SSL, RTP interfaces. The messaging suite is an idealOSS solution for telecom service providers across the globe.

Messaging Suite

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TeleOSS Messaging Gateway

A leading messaging gateway, TeleOSS SMS Gateway Software enables fast and reliable message delivery for service providers/aggregators over standard messaging channels for A2P and P2P traffic. A cost effective and easy to use interface for all operations, routing rules, live traffic monitoring dashboard with exhaustive traffic analysis. Bundled with rich features convergent platform for multiple messaging channels SMS, MMS, USSD, IVR, e-mail and eFax available for deployment as per service provider needs. Explore the gateway variants below.

SMS Gateway & SMS aggregation software Email Gateway

TeleOSS Wholesale Messaging Platform

Platform offers integrated interconnection model for messaging, enabling service & network providers (MNO/MVNOs) to reach globally. The platform is build on robust architecture with resilience and scalable to cater ever demanding need of messaging infrastructure. Dynamic rule based routing enables minimum queuing time and no message loss with deployment options of multiple instances, geo-redundant and exhaustive traffic monitoring & analysis are key advantages of platform.

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TeleOSS Messaging Router

A carrier grade platform, supporting high availability requirements, with modular and intelligent rule based engine. The platform provides flexibility to configure routes for message delivery based on as per various parameters and logical combination of the same. Routing considers rule based approach, load balancing and SMSC capacity, source and destination of messaging.

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TeleOSS Messaging Controller

The platform enabling MNOs/MVNOs to handle bursts in A2P and P2P traffic, with scalable and reliable architecture. The platform with rich features with flexibility of rule based service & routing mechanism provides operators the desired quality of service. On-board live traffic monitoring, alarming and reporting capabilities with quick action interface makes it easy to use. The platform supports any combination of mobile networks.

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For any kind of additional requirements for the smart messaging suite, please contact us at: info@teleoss.co

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