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SMS Controller

SMS Controller by TeleOSS

In the ever increasing SMS traffic volume, it becomes very necessary for operators to have high quality and performing solutions which can segregate the traffic based on priority and control it. TeleOSS, a leading solution provider to VAS ecosystem, has designed and developed TeleOSS Controller keeping in mind the challenges faced by the current operators as well as SMS aggregators and SMS wholesalers.

With the help of TeleOSS Controller, our customers are able to manage millions of SMS traffic day in and out. It helps in fail over routing with several operators by following the SMS holding mechanism. It has been loaded with features like controlling based on operators, destinations, country as well as users. It is a part of the robust platform which supports small to large VAS providers across the globe.

TeleOSS Controller is one of the most widely deployed

GSM SMS controller

on the globe. We have customers all across the globe, who have chosen us for highly reliable, performing and scalable solution. We can help you with customizing and personalizing the solution as per your business requirements. Our In-depth reporting and live traffic monitoring help in enhancing the service quality and analyzing the network efficiency. Integrating with your business solution can help you in launching advanced features and functionalities for your customers.

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Major Features of TeleOSS SMS Controller

  • Ability to control millions of SMS traffic
  • Failover routing with multiple operators
  • SMS holding mechanism
  • Control as per operator, destination, country, and user
  • Robust enough to cater millions of traffic
  • Open for customization and integrable with third party solutions

Business Benefits of SMS Controller

  • Highly Scalable and Performing Solution
  • Built-in functionalities and ability to integrate with third-party systems
  • Part of End-to-End SMS matures platform readily available for SMS vendors
  • Future ready solution for advanced services and functionalities
  • Ability to provide personalized and customized services as per business requirements

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