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Bulk SMS Platform as a Service

Next Generation Carrier Grade SMS Wholesale Solution

The world of SMS industry in going through a complete transformation because of the increasing number of smart phones, OTT players and expansion of the network across different countries. This has a not led to the depletion of the bulk SMS industry in fact with the every new device and application the authentication platform still remains the same, i.e. SMS.

With the increasing number of SMS and market expansion, the competition has also increased to an extent where it is highly imperative for the operators to manage the operational cost. Investing in hardware and software, along with resources and power is becoming a tough question to answer while offering a cheap bulk SMS plan to the enterprise customers.

Moreover, most of the software SMS gateways are either in-house developed which lack the latest and up-to-date functionalities needed to support a scaling network. Secondly, there are very few industry focused solutions which can support SMS aggregators and resellers of all sizes. SMS Aggregators dealing with international SMS routing traffic find it difficult to manage their network without the right platform in place.

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TeleOSS Bulk SMS Platform on Cloud

TeleOSS SMS Platform on Cloud is a PaaS model which offers complete range of solutions like SMS router, SMS controller, SMS Gateway, and SMS Hub on cloud for small to large SMS Aggregators and operators. With the help of this facility, SMS aggregators, SMS Wholesalers or SMS resellers need not have to invest in hardware, software or resources. The platform is completely on cloud and offers a monthly package based on SMS volume and features by which you can choose the desired package of your choice as per business requirements.

The platform has been designed and built as per the current trend and international standard of features required by the bulk SMS industry. The highly cost effective platform enables existing and start-up entrepreneurs to roll-out their services instantly in the market at cheaper rates. The best thing about TeleOSS Cloud based SMS Gateway is you can access your account from anywhere in the world, unlike the desktop software. It can be seamlessly integrated with different accounts and customer database for business and network expansion.

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Volume (SMS per month in million) 0.5 2.5 5 10 10
TPM (SMS per minute) 60 300 600 1200 1200
Outbound (Operator Connection) 1 2 3 5 5
User (Client / Reseller) Active Users only 35 100 200 500 500
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Inbound HTTP Module
Inbound SMPP Module - -
White Label Module - -
Data Campaign Management For Marketing SMS - -
Inbox Module including S2S - - -
HLR - - - -
Email to SMS including POP2 and E2S - - - -
Payment Gateway Integration- - Paypal Paypal Or Any one Gateway of your choice Paypal Or Any one Gateway of your choice
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Benefits of Choosing TeleOSS Bulk SMS Platform on Cloud

Built on Cloud

The software has been designed to support small, large and very large network without any technical or operational issues. Customers can choose single or multiple plans as per their network size and scalable traffic. Developed to cater millions of SMS traffic, customers with large network can seamlessly send/receive their traffic using our platform.

Anywhere-Anytime Access

The world is moving towards the cloud is because of the flexibility to access the account from anywhere in the world. In on-premise or desktop software solutions there are limitations which makes it difficult to manage your network using your laptop or any other location.

Strong Experience

Being in this industry for more than a decade now, TeleOSS has strong knowledge and experience about the requirements of SMS Aggregators across the globe. The solution comes with latest features that can overcome the current network level, operational and business challenges.

Software Support and Auto-upgrade

Dedicated full time team behind the world class solution keeps the software solution on cloud constantly updated and loaded with latest features & functionalities. The support team is readily available for any kind of technical and configuration queries related to TeleOSS services.

End-to-End Analytics

The most important part of any solution is the reporting and analytics. In-depth details and analysis of the information can result in great information for the business and operational management. Our graphical reports enable customers to take right decision at the right time.

100% Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

We assure to provide the best in class solutions, services and support without any downtime. Get the benefits of choosing a world-class services and product.

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