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A2P Messaging & SMS Gateway Software v4

TeleOSS SMS Gateway Software v4

If your company needs a reliable SMS Gateway Software provider, we bring you the TeleOSS SMS Gateway Software that’s the perfect solution for your Aggregator SMS Business.

Likened to an SMS Server and an SMS Aggregator Software, TeleOSS is a secure and scalable Value-Added Service (VAS) Delivery and Full Operational Support System for message aggregation and termination.

TeleOSS SMS Gateway Software v4 has all the robust features from the old version but improved with highly customizable functions so that Aggregators, Resellers and Service Providers alike get all-around access to quick and easy solutions for an enterprise’s SMS delivery needs.

Some platforms may offer an adequate SMS gateway, but we believe in the notion that more is better. With full operational, control, and support features, TeleOSS provides every client a competent software that can handle all aspects of aggregate messaging. For instance, our scalable architecture for bulk SMS delivery is partnered with full reporting so you can take control of the what, when, where, and how of messaging.

We also have VAS delivery options not only for SMS but also for other platforms. SMS Gateway 4.0 product features include Live Traffic Monitoring, Dynamic Routing, Bulk SMS User Management, Sending Services Management, Rating and Charging Management, SMS Firewall, Reports and Notifications, and a whole lot more.

We are proud to present the user control features of TeleOSS SMS Gateway Software v4. There are customizable options for both Aggregators and Retail Clients in terms of GUI. Our user interface is newly improved in look and feel, and better responsiveness so you can perform custom theme configuration that will reflect your brand.

TeleOSS SMS Gateway Software is the platform that upholds security and reliability in SMS delivery like no other. We provide a full array of scalable features at cost-effective rates so your retail SMS business can serve your customers better.

Why Choose TeleOSS?

Messaging is an indispensable part of the business: new products and services are marketed through this platform, transactions with customers like billing and one-time PINs are made, and client care is fostered through SMS.

Here are the reasons why businesses choose the TeleOSS platform.


We cater to every business, whether you are a reseller or an aggregator. We commit to delivering the most appropriate services you need depending on your business. We’ve upgraded from only 250 TPS on the old version to up to 500 TPS for version 4.0 to accommodate the growing demand for faster SMS delivery.


SMS Delivery for business enjoys a high return of investment (ROI) since we provide services at a fraction of traditional routes like media and print.

Low Lead Time

Automation—this is what we offer to the table that you cannot get elsewhere. With just a few clicks, you will be able to create and deliver messages to a recipient’s number within minutes. We also have custom templates for SMS, so you can choose the best that works for your business.

High Open Rate

Customers open SMS around 98% of the time. It means that almost every text message, whether promotional or transactional, is read by clienteles just 90 seconds after they receive it.

Full Support

We value our clients and know how important it is to foster a nurturing relationship that grows over time. As such, we provide excellent customer service and open lines of communication so that all your queries, comments, and reviews receive our full attention.

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What are the New Features in TeleOSS SMS Gateway Software v4?

We’re moving forward with robust software that has all your favorite features from the previous version plus improvements that meet the SMS delivery demands for your business. Here are the latest highlights of the fourth version of TeleOSS SMS Gateway Software.

GUI Upgrades

Now you can express your brand through TeleOSS! The newly improved software has a responsive GUI and administrative control to change the look and feel of the application. The Theme Option lets you modify the Color Style, Navigation selections, and Footer settings. End users can also upload a Company Logo for more tailored software for your business.

Customizable GUI

End-users are given more control over how they want their GUI to appear. With an Application Programming Interface (API) to go with the software, you have the power to create and modify GUI components to fit your preferences.

High Availability (HA) Functionality

We have thoroughly tested our systems and made the necessary enhancements to ensure that the software remains continuously operational or “never-failing” for a considerable length of time. Our Failover via Active Application Server and Active-Passive Database Server are always available to keep service uninterrupted.

Multi-Language Support

Our software now has a Multilingual User Interface support to accommodate clients from all over the world. You can easily select and set the language for the GUI from our long list of language options.

User-wise TPS

Aggregators can now provide up to 500 Transaction Per Second (TPS) for end-users as per their requirement. Our database provides direct user access to transactional data that is consistent and reliable at all times.


We have made it possible to send dynamic SMS wherein a user can set parameter variables for text messages and assign values relevant to the parameter. This means that clear messages for a specified group of customers are sent automatically by the system.


Our software lets you route a text message through the customer’s Home Location Register (HLR) via Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) functionality. It’s useful for when you want to determine whether a phone number is still active or on.

SMS Gateway Version 4.0

Other Salient Features of the TeleOSS SMS Gateway Software:

1. Single Account multi-platform management for SMS, Email, Short/Long Code

2. High-volume outbound and inbound SMPP through fast and reliable connectivity

3. Bulk SMS and two-way messaging

4. User wise Plan and Rate Management

5. Error Code Management

6. Traffic Control, Monitoring, and Management

7. Failover Management

8. Exhaustive Logging with configurable log levels

9. Tailored Service Plans for Aggregators and End Users

10. Rule-based Routing such as in Failover or Re-routing

11. Security via Authentication, Blacklist/Whitelist, and SSL support

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Critical Problems Faced by Clients and Our Corresponding Solutions

SMS delivery can be a tricky business for Resellers, Aggregators and Bulk SMS providers since the telecommunications industry is continuously adapting to emerging demands. This underlies our quest to improving our software to meet such standards so that your business keeps up with the times.

For Resellers

The dilemma for resellers happens when a Panel suddenly malfunctions, which requires the reseller to migrate customers to a new panel and start all over again.

Solution. Our Reseller Portal is equipped with a Dashboard that includes all information and as well as User Management and Reporting functions to provide a comprehensive user experience. Our white-label platform enables resellers to tailor the application to fit their brand.

For Bulk SMS Providers

Some Bulk SMS Providers outsource their platform development, but it is proving to be a problem because most outsourcing companies do not have industry-specific knowledge in telecommunications.

Some providers also meet adaptability issues due to gateways that do not support expansion. Growing their SMS business is challenged by a growing customer base, high-volume SMS, pricing and charging rates, routing issues, and more.

Solution. TeleOSS is supported by industry experts who know the ins and outs of the telecom industry. Therefore, every element in the software caters to the needs of every provider. Also, the TeleOSS SMS Gateway Software is highly scalable to ensure that you get what you want, whenever you want it.

For Aggregators

Aggregators are essential in the industry, but many problems hinder them from becoming competent in the field. If you are an aggregator, you may have faced particular challenges in your SMS gateway, including in Billing Management and Reporting. We have also encountered clients who feel that the support they get is tepid at best.

Solution. We offer a direct line for our aggregators to air their concerns to our in-house support team. We also have regular technical updates and notifications on customer status. Our Dashboard for Aggregators is also accessible anytime and anywhere.

For billing and reporting, we have enhanced our software to include reminders for balance status and expiry and country-wise Charging and Ratings for international markets. We also have regular and specific reporting on customer status and a ranking of top clients to determine business reach.

With TeleOSS, you will get the best SMS Gateway Software for your business. Call us today!