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Augmenting Business Opportunities with SMS Gateway Platform

Augmenting Business Opportunities
31 Dec

Augmenting Business Opportunities with SMS Gateway Platform

Writer : TeleOSS

Case Study Details

Every startup need to have a string base to make them take the leap and make its mark in competitive scenario. Here is the case study of two start-up companies wherein both were searching for business opportunities, that can lead both organizations towards their goals and there upon they just counted on Aruhat’s TeleOSS Platform for reaching up to benchmark they had set.

Challenges with Current Business

The first organization was connected to providers via HTTP API, but they were having a requirement of an independent routing facility through SMPP Module, in order to expand their business opportunities. Crucial objective of finding way out from disruption, made them search for an independent SMPP routing provider.

The second organization was into diverse businesses and was reselling SMS services in Kenya, using white label reseller panel of a leading SMS service provider. They were facing an essential demand of their own SMS Aggregator platform, as they had perceived an opportunity to work with a local operator. Opportunity towards new road map, made them search for an Independent SMS Aggregator.

TeleOSS SMS Aggregator Platform & Modules

  • Business, Service & Operational Excellence
  • End to End Technical Support
  • Billing and Reporting Support
  • Scaled SMPP Connection
  • Virtual credit provided, whenever required
  • Compatible SMPP Module
  • Secure Messaging Channel
  • Multiple Users Compatibility

Solution and Execution

With endurance of company, Aruhat set up SMPP routing of TeleOSS SMS Gateway Software with complying requirements ensured.