Exposure to Advanced Unified MVAS Solutions

25 Sep

Exposure to Advanced Unified MVAS Solutions

Writer : TeleOSS

Unified MVAS or Messaging solutions enable optimization of business processes by reducing the human latency that exists within a process flow. Corporates need to envision the need of unified communication and enabled processes for faster growth.


  • Optimizing business processes
  • Corporate growth opportunities with innovation
  • Individual productivity & team collaboration
  • Reduce costs & increase ROI


How Unified Messaging Optimizes business processes with an interesting example

Unified messaging enables Business process optimization reducing human latency that exists within a process flow.


Production department has sent raw material requisition request to purchase department via ERP system.

  • The purchase manager, is on leave and hence cannot approve the request. An integrated messaging system enables organization to auto send requisition request by SMS or IVR on purchase manager’s mobile. He can view the message and approve or disapprove the request via sending keyword to short code which is parsed & forwarded to ERP system.
  • If the manager does not provide the necessary approval within a designated period of time then the business process would invoke a unified messaging service such as “notify and respond” from an SMS, IP PBX, voice portal/IVR, conferencing application, etc. or invoke escalation.
  • Thus, these embedded unified messaging services would “notify” the person that they need to do something. If the person does not “respond” to the notification then it can be escalated to a manager in the same manner.

This process is referred as Communication- enabled business processes (CEBP) Enterprises can implement various use cases to automate and optimize their business processes.

Few mentioned are

  • Alarms and notifications
  • Business work flow automation
  • Business reporting
  • Fleet & vessel tracking
  • Stock portfolio alerts and confirmations
  • Contact center and customer support
  • Agent less product trainings
  • Inventory management
  • Order processing

Growth opportunities & areas of innovation for the corporates can be

  • Innovative advertising campaigns with quick to implement contests and location based targets
  • Effective surveys & polls to reach larger target audience
  • Launch step-by-step guides to educate existing & potential customers with USSD implementation
  • Offer regular expert advice, offers and tips of use to existing customer to increase its value
  • Differentiate from competitor by opening multiple & easy to use communication channels viz SMS, USSD, IVR

TeleOSS MVAS Offering

TeleOSS Unified Messaging VAS Platform

Aruhat Technologies offers mobile VAS delivery solutions which are built on robust and scalable technology. The solutions are created to build bridges across complete MVAS messaging value chain by adding business value at each component. It enables each player in value chain to explore the business opportunities by facilitating launch of new services and new revenue streams.

The WhitePaper describes how each of the area mentioned above will be enabled by unified messaging solutions. Email us at info@aruhat.com for learning more about Unified Messaging Solutions.