What A Truly Global SMS Platform Needs!

What A Truly Global SMS Platform Needs!
6 Sep

What A Truly Global SMS Platform Needs!

Writer : TeleOSS

SMS application providers are always on a look out for global connectivity. Opting for global connectivity will be a big task unless they connect with certain number of mobile operators and bulk SMS providers as per their reach.

Connecting with multiple operators is ultimately a business complexity and can also be a technology head-ache. Along with that the system which connects multiple message gateways is certainly complex and needs an experienced player to manage the setup where operations are really crucial for revenues.

SMS Hub Connectivity:

With a good SMS Hub one can without any complexity create and manage multiple global communication contracts with basic telecom knowledge required. SMS Gateway software can be conceptualized based on the advanced technology trends to manage SMS traffic. It would handle sending & delivering of the mobile messages with minimum queuing time and no message loss.   The SMS Hub connects to multiple SMSC parallely routing the traffic to the proper destination based on rules defined in the rules engine. The Hub receives messages from the operator SMSC and pushes  messages back to the SMSC for delivery to the user handset.

Key technical & business functionalities of Hub:

  • Bi-directional SMSC connection
  • Support and Interconnection with standard & advanced messaging protocols (SS7, SMPP, HTTP API, SS7/IP)
  • Mobile network portability support
  • Instant world-wide connectivity covering global networks and countries
  • Direct communication to multiple network operators globally
  • 1 & 2-way communication globally
  • Intelligent Routing
  • SMS Tracking & Reporting

SMS Hub features includes:

  • Fraud Control –
    • SMS Filter Solution
    • Anti-Spoofing Solution
    • Anti-Flooding Solutions
  • Application Level –
    • Live traffic monitoring dashboard
      • Pause/Resume SMS live traffic
      • Quick actions for resolution to address disparity in traffic
      • Single screen for user account details & status with quick navigation bar
    • Log reports with multiple level analysis
      • Tracking delivery reports from vendors
      • Delivery Report analysis for Gateway performance
      • Complete MIS Reporting
    • Communication & Notification:
      • Balance and validity notifications
      • Client Communication facility from GUI, via SMS, Email, Alerts on user panel
      • Future recharge facility to handle contingency of balance expiry
  • Billing / Invoice / CDR –
    • Tools for administration and monitoring of messages, billing with statistics
    • Comprehensive and configurable billing cycle
    • Invoice analysis reports with information on parameter like user, service, mobile number
    • Rate change during billing cycle should be reflected in invoice
  • Dynamic & rule based auto-routing –
    • Eliminate network portability problems
    • No cross-network billing issues
    • Real time and intelligent alerts, reports and statistics

SMS Hub benefits includes:

  • Increase business & market reach: Using an optimum SMS hub opens up new business and market areas by enabling multiple and diverse operators connectivity
  • Intelligent SMS routing services: SMS traffic is well optimized by intelligent routing providing the ability to specify routing preferences by either hub provider or destination
  • Reduce business complexity: Business complexity is optimized along with cost savings on SMS termination between hub-based and bilateral destinations
  • Improved service performance: Service performance is optimized by using comprehensive traffic reporting and statistics . It enable you to gain valuable details of different status of delivery and non delivery with complete MIS Reporting

About Us:

Aruhat Technologies offers VAS delivery solutions built on robust and advanced technology platform named TeleOSS for variety of messaging solutions. TeleOSS enables service providers at each node in value chain to tap opportunity to generate revenue streams, secure the channel and scale with new services. The solutions are created to build bridges across complete MVAS messaging technologies like SMS, MMS, USSD, IVR service over voice and flourishing OTT players like VOD, Music on demand over data services and business value chain at each component. It caters to companies who want to provide Value Added Services like Bulk SMS, Email, Missed Call Alert, Quiz Contest. TeleOSS can also be used as an SMPP Router and can be extended to become Bulk SMS Hub, SMS Gateway and SMSC Software with added Customizations.


TeleOSS platform enhances operations with easy to use interface including subscriber management, service management, product catalogue management, dynamic routing, readily available reports, real-time dashboard and notifications. Do visit www.aruhat.com/teleoss. Contact anil@aruhat.com for a quick demo.