Are Bulk SMS Wholesale Software Product Solutions Better Than Open Source?

TeleOSS Wholesale Software Vs Open Source
30 May

Are Bulk SMS Wholesale Software Product Solutions Better Than Open Source?

Posted by TeleOSS

Application to Person (A2P) is a method in which an SMS is sent from an application to a person through different channels or networks across the world. With the increasing demand for SMS as a core marketing platform for user authentication, promotions, mobile alerts, payment alerts, etc. the transactions per minute are increasing y-o-y. In addition, the innovative platforms with the flexibility to integrate with different programs and legacy business systems have also added fuel to the growth of the Bulk SMS market. 

The simple reason behind the growth of the SMS market is because of no dependency on the internet and the security that it offers. Even in the age of OTT platforms, the reason why most enterprise customers choose SMS marketing as their platform is because it can be easily tracked and managed using the MSISDN numbers. 

There are different participants in the bulk SMS business across the world like SMS resellers, SMS wholesalers, service providers, marketing agencies, and enterprise customers. When there are millions and billions of messages sent from one network to another, it is important that the platform through which the traffic is managed is robust and highly scalable. And the majority of these transactions are managed by the bulk SMS wholesalers segment.

There are majorly two types of software, open source, and commercial software products. Most people believe that open source software is cost-free, quality is also better, and future-proof. Commercial wholesale SMS software on the other hand is costly and available at a recurring cost. In this post, we have tried to uncover some of the myths about the open source and commercial software that most SMS business owners are having. 

We have tried to highlight that when the world is moving towards a digital era, why bulk SMS providers are still stuck with the open source and limited feature solutions when there are several high-quality products available to expand their network, business services, and models! Let’s take a look at it:

1. Cost

Typically when we start talking about open source the first thing that comes to mind is COST. Yes, the cost of open source software is absolutely free, you can download and start playing around with it as much as you want and run the business. But, the question here is how far you can run the business with free software that comes with a limited feature set, delayed upgrades, and no flexibility as well as support to innovate it further. 

Either you have to customize it which will ultimately incur costs. The cost that you save at the early stage in any open source software will eventually land you in a high cost and unbearable situation which is difficult to replace or hold. 

So why not choose a high-end commercial SMS wholesale software that comes with industry-leading technology, a focused approach, and an international standard of mechanism that supports all national and international networks? There is a dedicated team working on the software upgrade, market study, testing and supporting you even at the odd hours to upscale your network.

2. Innovation

The open source software solutions come with a community-supported development that provided dedicated support but when it comes to innovating and upgrading the solution as per your business requirements then you don’t get the customized solution. Moreover, if you are using the same set of features that your competitor is using through the same open source software then what is the new thing that you are offering to your customers!

In the case of commercial software, you have the flexibility and privilege to create a customized solution as per your business requirements. Personalizing the software as per your requirements offers an edge over the competition which can enable you to offer innovative business models and functionalities to customers and expand your business to the next level. 

3. Security

Most of the open source wholesale SMS software solutions are developed on different platforms which are open source in themselves. They lack the security features which are required to ensure that your business data and network information are not compromised. In several cases, wholesale SMS providers have trusted the open source software platform and it crashed the network because of scalable traffic and spamming. 

In order to avoid such situations, it is always recommended to choose a highly secured and scalable commercial wholesale SMS platform that comes with cutting-edge technology features. SMS business is all about volume and if the platform is not able to cope with the scaling traffic then the business will hit the wall. 

4. Support

The most important thing about any solution or software product in the market is all about the support services.  In open source solutions, you can get help from the community for additional features or get the details of any bug which is in the existing version but in case your network is experiencing downtime then which support team will you contact? 

In the case of a commercial SMS wholesale software product, you have a dedicated support team readily available to provide complete support on the solution. Even if your current network is facing any issue there are techniques by which the entire network traffic can be bypassed through another routed platform. 


In simple words, if you want the best results for your network and business then use the best SMS wholesale software product that offers latest features, functionalities and business models that you can offer it to your customers. It is not about COST always, quality of service and features are more important.