Benefits of A2P SMS

Benefits of A2P SMS
11 Sep

Benefits of A2P SMS

Posted by TeleOSS

It is a booming moment for Application-to-Person SMS (A2P SMS), why? Reliable statistics have affirmed the consistent implementation of A2P SMS by standard industries from different angles. Yes, and why not? Since A2P SMS continues to help them in managing customers’ relationship efficiently.

Its benefits are numerous, from the sending of high-volume alerts, appointment reminders, to general notifications, and so on. It has proven and continues to prove to be one of the most prominent and effective ways to convey short information to customers, keeping them updated on the company's services and getting their attention caught at the right time.

However, some marketers do not consider it to be worthy of its greatness and continue on the journey of applying traditional strategies like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), E-mail Automation, and so on. Although, they work quite effective too, but its renowned characteristics of facilitating communication, improving engagement, and increasing sales and sign-ups keep it at the topnotch.

We have gathered a few points for you in the following numbered lists to analyze areas, ways, and how A2P SMS seems to be beneficial.

1. Fast delivery of messages

This is where the A2P SMS has even a stronger arm over its rivals. The speed at which a message sent gets to receivers, and the speed at which that message is being checked by the recipient is even more fantastic. A recent survey conducted proves that 90% of people open their messages and read it within the first 3-minutes of message arrival.

That is a big shot! Whereas, E-mails may stay in people's Inbox for a longer period without them being checked. Also, marketers that use E-mails have more spaces to put their words down compared to the A2P SMS, where messages more than 160 characters need to be sent again in another round.

However, this short space is not a disadvantage; rather, it is an advantage, as most readers love to read something concise

2. Highly effective compared to E-mails

Over the years, E-mails have been used by companies to send their customers important messages, but the main issue with this method is the high probability that the E-mail message sent might not be opened by the recipient. Research ascertain that more than twenty percent of marketing E-mails never get to the recipient Inbox.

In 2018, only twenty-five percent of E-mails are opened across all industries on average. A2P SMS case is different, it has an open rate of ninety-eight percent, forty percent rate of response, while ninety-five percent of all SMS are always checked within 3-minutes of message arrival.

Additionally, research has shown that the average response rate of an email requires a longer time of about 90minutes and SMS requires just 90 seconds. This is unarguably obvious that A2P SMS has a knack of efficiency and reliability than the E-mail system.

3. Cost-effectiveness

Business marketing is naturally expensive. However, you are very much safe if you invest your money into A2P SMS, as it will surely provide your company with return on investments. Apart from the fact that companies won't have to pay for mail costs, problems like missing letters or postal delays will not be encountered. A2P SMS has therefore proven to be one of the most affordable marketing channels.

4. A2P SMS streamlined appointments

A2P SMS is very ideal for and helps business owners to make appointment schedules with their staff within the organization or to their service consumers within a few seconds. Another good thing about this is its ability to automatically do this without the much need for human intervention.

The A2P SMS can also be customized to send messages in a particular format, let us say for a wedding ceremony reminder, you can include the wedding center, time of the event and so on.

These merits of A2P SMS are too well mesmerizing. However, it all depends on the standardization and excellence of the SMS gateway platform you choose to employ. TeleOss is one of a kind. With our professionalism, experience, and exposure to international SMS gateway standards, you’ll never regret our services. For more new and exclusive trends about SMS gateway platforms, you can check our blog posts (put links leading to blogs here)


Several other benefits have not been explained or maybe you'll discover it yourself when you venture into an effective application of the A2P SMS. If business owners seek for an increased open rate of market campaigns and want a fast and unaltered delivery of messages to customers. In-cooperating A2P is a smart buy.