Difference You Should Know About Long Code and Short Code Services

Difference You Should Know About Long Code and Short Code Services
9 Jan

Difference You Should Know About Long Code and Short Code Services

Posted by TeleOSS

Regardless of the type or size of mobile devices in the market, one thing is very common – SMS. As per the latest market survey, there are more than 4.5 billion mobile devices in the world channeling daily communication of people across the world. Whether they are smart or not, whether it has internet connectivity or not, SMS service is enabled on all the active numbers.

The facts also shows that the success rate of SMS is comparatively much higher than bulk emailing and sales calling. To be more specific about in % the average success rate of bulk emailing is 22% while the calling is just at 25%. If we talk about SMS then the open rate is around 98% which proves it is the most successful mode to reach your customer inbox directly.

With the launch of smartphones it looked as if the OTT messages will take over the legendry SMS but in fact, in today’s digital world, SMS is the prime source of authentication for any mobile application. Moreover, it is also used for promotions, workflow management, polling and personal communication. With the advancement in SMS and SMS Gateway solutions in the market, it has enabled mobile operators and SMS aggregators to customize the messages and routes as per their business requirements. Almost all the enterprise business have allocated marketing budget for the SMS promotions.

The average time taken to send and receive any SMS message is just 5 seconds! Because of the amazing response time, it is not only the favorite and low cost marketing tool but also instant customer targeting sales platform.

Short Code Feature

Short codes are simple and easy to remember 3-7 digit numbers which is used to send or receive messages. Short code services are majorly used by businesses for generating donations, organizing contests, voting, collecting payments, etc. With the help of configurable SMS gateway products, admin can define the communication channels and auto-responsive texts for customer interactions. For example, SMS can be used for polling or running market surveys by which customers can communicate to single common short code number across the world. The messaging throughput of Short Code SMS is 40 SMS per second.

SMS Gateway software solutions which support Short code feature enable SMS Wholesalers, Resellers, and Telecom Operators to offer Short Code services to their enterprise customers. With the help of this facility, the level marketing or business process personalization as well as customer interaction through SMS reaches to next level. The best thing about short code services is it is never misinterpreted as SPAM.

Long Code Feature

Long code is something that we use in day to day life to send messages to long mobile numbers. It is one to one or one to many services which is inbound feature enabling senders and receivers to message nationally or internationally. Long Code features are also useful in certain cases where short code is effective. However the cost of Long Code services is higher compared to short code and SMS per second rate is much lower. So enterprise customers mostly look for solutions with short code message feature in SMS Gateways.

If you ask us which is more important and effective, then our suggestion is both are important in its own way. It actually depends on your business goals and requirements.

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