Everything That You Would Like To Know About – Mobile Number Lookup Services

Everything That You Would Like To Know About – Mobile Number Lookup Services
7 Jan

Everything That You Would Like To Know About – Mobile Number Lookup Services

Posted by TeleOSS

Companies trading in the bulk SMS business segment have a common question about Mobile Number Lookup Services. How it is used? Why it is used and what solution offers it? In this post we have explained the important feature of MNL service which is ideal for seamless Wholesale SMS Business. So let’s start with basically what this feature does and what its purpose is in Bulk SMS business process.

Mobile Number Lookup service is useful for sending your bulk SMS traffic to an optimal route as it provides the useful details of mobile number portability. This helps in increased delivery success rate and ported number routing efficiency.

Most of you must be aware of the mobile number portability feature offered by the telecom operators and mobile network operators. But for those who are not, it is a feature by which you can switch the service provider network that you are using without changing the number. So at the time of sending bulk SMS services to enterprise customers, it is important that you have the right set of information about their network service provider, mobile number, etc., which is available from Mobile Number Lookup feature.

So at the time of sending information, the system with Mobile Number Lookup service is smart enough to check the details and ensure successful send.

Some of the major benefits of Mobile Number Lookup Services are:

  • Prevents revenue leakage by reducing ported number routing delivery failure

  • Enhances better success delivery rates

  • Offers real-time mobile number details

For those who are in trading bulk SMS messaging services or collecting customer mobile number information in India or other countries, Mobile Number Lookup service, enables in getting the right information so that the communication can be routed through right route. This reduces the extra cost as incorrect wrong operator traffic will lead to revenue loss.

There are different ways to lookup the mobile number information as explained below:

Home Location Register (HLR): Through this route real-time number lookup can be achieved for technical requirements. This method is used by mobile number operators for detailed information.

Mobile Number Lookup (MNL): The database of mobile number is updated as and when it is ported. This method does not offer information in real-time and if the number is on roaming or switched off then it will not be updated in database.

The basic number lookup service just offers information like country of the mobile number and mobile operator. With mobile number lookup you can have all the essential details of the mobile number enabling you to get maximum send success rate.

If you need assistance to use the service or have any query related to mobile number lookup service, keep us posted at: info@teleoss.co