How To Configure SMS Alerts For Seamless Workflow Management in Corporates?

How To Configure SMS Alerts For Seamless Workflow Management in Corporates?
10 Sep

How To Configure SMS Alerts For Seamless Workflow Management in Corporates?

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Large enterprise have multiple departments and several team members working on various processes. Email is one of the common platform that is used currently by most organizations. But in organizations where the employees working on site like manufacturing, constructions, food delivery, etc., and unable to get the required internet connectivity, then what? So companies have started incorporating SMS based workflow management by integrating their CRM with SMS gateways to configure seamless SMS alerts to mobile numbers directly.

By using SMS gateways in the corporate networks, IT admin can seamlessly pass the message to all the employees or specific group of employees in single click. Moreover, not only corporates but municipal corporations, government organizations, smart cities and even resident townships can use the SMS gateway solution for their communication system. Sending SMS and managing the SMS Gateway is much simpler, faster and cost-effective compared to other mediums. Moreover, SMS has 90% open ratio compared to email, call or other mediums by which you can get the instant responses.

Using SMS for Emergency Alerts

Emergency can occur anytime-anywhere and it can never be expected. For example, catching of fire, water flooding, and hurricane or earth quake. These are some natural calamities which cannot be prevented nor controlled but the only thing that you can do as a business owner is inform your employees to stay safe at the right time or direct them to move towards safe passage. In such time, internet coverage does not work and people mostly rely on the SMS services. The vital information of the safety alerts and emergency situation updates can provide them great relief and guidance to move.

Outdoor Staff Roster Management

There are several companies in the market which have a large amount of outdoor staff working on sites or commercial places. Such organizations find it difficult to manage an online roster or physical roster for staff management. At such areas, if the employee is on sick leave or miss a shift or send incorrect roster then with SMS roster management you can manage the staff easily. If there is a vacant shift in the roster which you can publish to the entire group and any staff who is available to take the shift can reply Y or N.

Managing Sales & Marketing

SMS Gateway can be integrated with CRM system by which you can track the leads, take updates and manage the CRM using SMS. The best thing about sending leads through SMS is most of the sales teams are always travelling and whether they have internet facility or not they always access their mobile. So if you have any new lead, new update or any information that you want to share – SMS it.

Take Away

SMS Gateway is known for bulk messaging and promotional messaging but advance SMS Gateway like TeleOSS are designed and developed to fit in all segments. You can maximize your communication channels with SMS Gateways placed in the network.

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