Importance of Transaction Per Second (TPS) and Message Per Second (MPS) in Bulk SMS Business

Importance of Transaction Per Second (TPS) and Message Per Second (MPS) in Bulk SMS Business
17 Jun

Importance of Transaction Per Second (TPS) and Message Per Second (MPS) in Bulk SMS Business

Posted by TeleOSS

In the current digital world, the mobile devices are constantly increasing and it will keep evolving with new handsets, applications and services. However, one thing common among the smart and traditional mobile devices is the SMS service which has been still popular in the modern age. In fact, it was expected that the advance messaging systems and OTT applications will overcome the SMS industry but the volume of SMS has not reduced the over the period. Networks are still catering the same amount of bulk SMS to customers and promoting their services and products.

With the surge in the bulk SMS trading business due to advance SMS gateways and infrastructure, ,any businesses are exploring the option to expand their marketing services by adding bulk SMS platform. Especially, the VoIP providers, SMS wholesalers and SMS resellers are enhancing their business processes to reach the next level and generate business directly through the regional Telecom Operators. However, individuals who are in the segment of bulk SMS or planning to start their own SMS Aggregation business, need to understand about few technical things that is highly important in SMS trading business.

The end customer in the SMS trading business is an enterprise company like banks, malls or hotels which is interested to pumping bulk messages to its customer base through your SMS Gateway infrastructure. At the same time, there are many competitor SMS Aggregators in the market who can offer the same pricing, scalable infrastructure and messaging facility. So what is unique and innovative that you can offer? The quality of any SMS campaign in this industry is evaluated based on the Transaction Per Second (TPS) and Message Per Second (MPS). Regardless the pricing benefit you offer, if the infrastructure is not robust enough to manage the volume as per the desired throughput then the campaign quality is bad.

So before we proceed on how it impacts the business, let’s understand what is TPS and MPS

  • Message Per Second

If you have a SMS Gateway infrastructure capable of sending and receiving a volume of 5 million messages per second means it has the message sending and receiving capacity of 5 million. It is message per second capacity of the SMS gateway. i.e. 5 million/per second. This showcases the scalability and capacity of the SMS gateway to handle large volume of messages within a second.

  • Transaction Per Second

And imagine you have around 100000 messages to be sent within 60 minutes then you will need a solution that has the capacity to offer 25-30 SMS per second. The design and architecture the solution will have to be modified based on the increase in the TPS because with the increase in TPS it demands for better hardware, resources and designs. Increasing the hardware capacity can reduce the TPS to milliseconds and enhance the productivity to next level.

So if you are planning to purchase a SMS gateway or want to add new infrastructure to your existing network then there are few things that you would like to analyze are:

  • What is the required SMS volume?

In order to understand the exact volume of SMS that you would need to purchase the SMS volume, you will need to analyze the last 6 months of data and future requirements data. Based on the same you will be able to define the volume of the solution that you are looking for.

  • Choosing the right hardware?

Any solution that has higher TPS would need better hardware because any data that frequently communicate with the database for updating the DLR and mapping que will require higher configuration of SSD drives or Hard Disk with higher RPM and faster IO operations.

There are many cracked SMPP solutions and open source software available in the market which comes with virus, malwares and spam mailers as gift. The reason why it is suggested to go for customized applications or existing platform with latest SMPP infrastructure is you can customize the features and get it personalized as per your requirements.

Regardless of how good the hardware is, if the software is not robust enough then there is no point of using high end hardware for broken software. Products developed using standard development platforms, robust resources, advance feature sets and upgraded in every version is of utmost importance.

With the international quality of solutions you can gain an edge over the competitors in your region with the right set of integration, customization and functionalities to enhance your end customer experience.


We hope the above points are useful for you to evaluate the desired bulk messaging gateway solution for your business. If you have any query or share your inputs then keep us posted in the comments so that others can also participate in the discussion.