Introduction To Trivia USSD Application Software

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2 Sep

Introduction To Trivia USSD Application Software

Posted by TeleOSS

Today, mobile messaging is crucial in our everyday life. It is not just a means of instant communication; it’s oftentimes integrated into work-related services, travel, banking, research, etc. This functionality transcends the capability of cellular devices and goes far beyond phoning and messaging to provide more robust connectivity.

Our company, TeleOSS, takes the lead in the industry by proffering innovative solutions by leveraging numerous message protocols for businesses. We provide stepping stones towards worldwide connectivity and improve intimate connections that lead to trust, loyalty and better services for clients. Value for business-to-client, operator-to-user and peer-to-peer is enhanced with TeleOSS.

Understanding USSD

USSD is an abbreviation that means Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. It’s the software that allows global systems to which GSM and other mobile technologies can send messages right from mobile devices to applications and vice versa. In a way, it is Short Messaging Service (SMS) even though the main difference is that USSD messaging takes place in the session, while Short Messaging Service (SMS) can be received by a recipient even when their mobile device is out of range or inactive.

A USSD session goes live in real-time and remains open so long as exchanges and sequencing of data between user and application exist. All USSD messages can have up to 182 alphanumeric characters and are sent and received in an interactive and responsive method.

Mobile user → Mobile network operator → USSD API → USSD application

Features of Trivia USSD Software

TeleOSS Trivia USSD Software makes bringing businesses closer to clients possible. The standard license is perfectly packed with features and provides a reliable and stable USSD application for all licenses acquired. A single standard license comes with twenty TPS for HTTP Outbound for the purpose of sending requests and receiving a response; and twenty TPS for HTTP Inbound for receiving a request and sending a response. An administrator is given the chance to create up to 500 end-user accounts using Trivia. Additionally, TeleOSS also offers great reporting and delivery status updates through log availability, which lasts for 7 days for transactions and 3 months for SMS transactional log files.

Administrator Portal

Live Traffic Monitoring Dashboard: It monitors user-wise and plan-wise usage updates and real-time traffic.

Theme Configuration: Trivia software can be used to modify GUI, such as font, background, font color, header and footer, and many more.

User Management: Administrative controls include account, balance, role-based users and recharge (amount or volume).

Products or Service Plans Offering: Configure volume and grace period, default and override rate, user balance forwarding, queuing size and time-bound management options.

Workflow Management: Creation of polls, surveys, quizzes or banking workflow and streamline theme fit for the brand.

Operator Wise Charges and Rate Plan: Import rate or override operator wise charges and manage multi-rate plans.

Manage Address Directory: Importing of the contacts list and global system address directory depending on the requirement.

Source management: USSD source creation.

Reports and Notifications: Business Analytics, MIS reports and auto-notifications.

Manage Questions and Answers: Creation of questions and corresponding answers to supplement workflow.

Client Portal

User Activity Dashboard: It Includes SMS usage, account details, balance and validity.

Address Book with Bulk Import

DLR and MIS Reports

Workflow Management. Allows users to create polls, surveys, quizzes banking to supplement workflow.

How Does Trivia Software Work

The TeleOSS Trivia software duly satisfies a client’s USSD requirements, such as workflow creation and management which can all be configured on the application. Trivia is capable of storing responses and retrieving data via a reliable statistical report. Trivia follows the USSD protocol of any network operator and is integrated into TeleOSS using an HTTP API.

Why You Should Choose TeleOSS Trivia Software

Here are the benefits in purchasing a standard license of the TeleOSS Trivia Software:

  • It’s free to use for all clients

  • It works on all handset models

  • No Internet or data connectivity is required

  • Cost-effective implementation

  • Rapid data exchange (seven times quicker than SMS

  • It can be implemented across any cellular network Mobile software

  • Highly customizable workflow

TeleOSS Trivia Software is a secure and reliable way to fulfill your USSD requirements. We are a leading SMS gateway software solution and VAS solution provider in the world. With over ten years of experience in solution designing and development, TeleOSS solutions are accessible in more than 60 countries including UK, US, Australia, Africa, India and Singapore.

TeleOSS offers complete sets of solution platforms with a focus on the bulk SMS industry. TeleOSS SMS gateway software solution has also been awarded the best software award in 2014. Our set of solutions are designed to support large scale SMS and OTT messaging volumes along with innovative features to provide you with the best in class services at cost-effective rates.