SMS Business Solutions – For Modern Logistic Companies

SMS Business Solutions – For Modern Logistic Companies
5 Oct

SMS Business Solutions – For Modern Logistic Companies

Posted by TeleOSS

The transport and logistics sector is continuously evolving, as more companies are adopting automated SMS technology. The text messages have changed the way people browse the web, make a purchase, and interact with brands. The SMS business solution for logistics is a powerful medium for real-time updates offering a two-way SMS which has an efficient method of enhancing customer relationships and simplifying in-house operations.

The logistics companies can also make use of SMS solutions for marketing as well as customer engagement, but the biggest benefit of SMS is, unquestionably, its operational value. For improving communication and to optimize supply chain management and interactions with suppliers or customers, automated SMS solutions makes sense. A lot of businesses have already completely replaced the traditional communication systems such as fax, email, and phone communication with SMS solutions.

The uncomplicated SMS platform, when put in use by logistics companies, can track their order status of products, send payment reminders, organize event notifications and simplify their warehouse management systems. There are various companies offering SMS business solution for logistics but look to partner the ones who offer simple and cost-effective automated SMS enabling businesses to gain increased productivity at lower costs.


Transport and logistics companies with the help of text messaging can abridge everything ranging mobile alerts and delivery status notification, to appointment reminders. When executed appropriately, SMS solutions for logistics companies can raise customer service standards, and improve communication on the go.

Send out logistics delivery notifications

One of the most crucial uses of SMS in this field is delivery notifications and alerts. With a simple automated SMS solution, companies can send notifications to their customers and clients that a shipment is on the way, deferred, or delivered. This extra service can actually improve the customer experience and avoid redundant back and forth communication. 

Notify schedule and route changes 

For the in-house business purpose, SMS can be used to inform drivers and distribution centers of decided schedule as well as changes in the route. This is far more useful than phone calls, email, or even committed transportation and logistics software. SMS is short, succinct, and direct. There’s no hindrance and numerous POC can be notified at the same time. Moreover, the recipient can also be informed of schedule and route changes, which will avoid needless annoyance and provides improved visibility and precision.

Track vehicle and shipment

Drivers, as well as vehicles, can be tracked with the help of SMS. Every time a shipment is delivered to a particular checkpoint, short messages can be sent out. Drivers can rapidly see relevant information and without difficulty provide updates about locations to keep all the stakeholders in the sync. 

Customer Service Notifications 

Another very important use of SMS business solution for logistics includes customer service. By enabling two-way communication between your customers and company it actually alleviates the workload of your customer service employees and eases up time and resources. Your customers can send simple text messages to your company and accelerate response times and guarantee that customers are given the right information at the right time.

Enable two-way internal communication

Automated SMS business solution can be used within an organization to simplify communications between companies and their drivers. Companies can send the latest traffic as well as weather information to drivers. Drivers can let their companies know about unexpected delays or motorized issues. 

Employee Emergency Alert Systems

A lot of transportation and logistics companies utilize SMS to send out emergency alerts to employees and drivers. In fact, according to expert opinion, employee emergency alert systems are the second most industry-preferred use of SMS, enabling mobile workforce management as well as notifications.

The final say

Therefore, SMS solution is the new way of improving the service level of logistics and transport. So, adopt inbound and outbound messaging business solution as a key building block of end-to-end inventory, operations, logistics and product delivery processes. This simple to use and readily available SMS messaging can greatly enhance your communication within and outside of the company.

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