SMS Platform has transformed into a necessity for enterprises than just a conception!

SMS Platform has transformed into a necessity
22 Jul

SMS Platform has transformed into a necessity for enterprises than just a conception!

Posted by TeleOSS

The world is constantly changing with the evolving technology. Change in technology has left none of the industries untouched whether it is hospitality, healthcare or telecom. Enterprises are adopting latest techniques and fastest procedures to reach customer inbox. In the fast paced world, the simple and cost-effective way of reaching your customer and communicate with is SMS. With the increasing number of smartphone users in the market, it is estimated that a person looks at the phone at least 85 times a day. Moreover, the mobile platforms have enabled businesses to create their own mobile websites, applications and customized location-based SMSs to attract customers. With so many options for enterprises to connect with their customers, SMS has become a part of their marketing and support platforms and tools.

It has opened up newer opportunities for them to explore and stay close with their customers. It helps them to reach fastest to customer inbox, communicate with them one-on-one basis and in different languages as required, which very fewer platforms offer. Compared to other marketing platforms like advertising, voice, and video – the SMS platform is cost-effective with high success read ratio and maximized volume reach. Companies also find SMS much more cost effective than cold calling or voice-based customer support platforms. As per recent research from Dimension Data, 38% of contact centers currently offer SMS support for the callback and contacting customers and more than 23% are planning to deploy SMS gateways for their customer support services. Above all, SMS is a reliable and common communication platform that is available in all the countries.

The cost effectiveness of SMS platform is the result of latest features and functionalities available in the recent SMS gateways with advanced features like least cost routing live delivery monitoring, multi-language support, compliance to global telecom practices and scalable SMS volume support. Apart from choosing the right SMS vendor, it is also important that you choose the right SMS gateway to ensure the best cost-effective platform to gain maximized benefits and revenue.

TeleOSS is an Operational Support System & Service Delivery Platform for Message Termination & SMS Aggregation and works like an SMS Aggregator Software and an SMS Server. TeleOSS has full Operational, Support and Control Features. TeleOSS has a Scalable Architecture for Load handling and adding other Value Added Services like Short Code, EMail and others in the same Platform. TeleOSS has Operations Support features like Live Traffic Monitor, Dynamic Routing, Rating & Charging, Ready to offer White Label Solution platform, Balance Management, Service Management, huge array of Reports, SMPP based API connection and more.

TeleOSS SMS Software is an enterprise-grade platform providing fast, secure and reliable SMS delivery for A2P SMS traffic. It is a cost effective solution with exhaustive features to enable SMS aggregators to seamlessly operate and scale their network.

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