SMS Wholesale Business Transformation using LCR (Least cost Routing)

SMS Wholesale Business Transformation using LCR (Least cost Routing)
11 Apr

SMS Wholesale Business Transformation using LCR (Least cost Routing)

Posted by TeleOSS

With various wholesale business transformations, many outcomes are happening every day. If we consider the current scenario, various messaging platforms have an essential role in the market, and the globe is not quitting here. Nowadays, every business wants to have advanced and outstanding technology in their firm to endure at the best place in the market.

Though having new and latest technologies needs to cover so many factors. If you want to do creation in your SMS wholesale business, you will require expertise to have the latest technology. So the rising SMS wholesale business owners who are ready to create a place in this market have always known Least Cost Routing.

A range of challenges is to be faced by wholesale carriers. For efficient routing, they need to support a range of interconnection points. But this has to be done cost-effectively. You need to take advantage of the best available route at the best price. There should be an immediate response for new opportunities by ensuring the customers are provided with correct bills, also keeping the maximum margins with the change in the routing procedure.

What is Least Cost Routing (LCR)?

Least Cost Routing (LCR) finds the best way for outbound phone calls based on the lowest cost for the route between the caller and the receiver.

The wholesale carriers must be able to secure and protect the networks, be alert to fraud, and detect and eliminate possible threats. Least Cost Routing (LCR) helps to reduce the transaction fees. Delivering wholesale SMS has been so more accessible and faster with unparalleled SMS transmission speeds due to the Least Cost Routing platform.

The core feature of any wholesale SMS platform is routing. Therefore, you should include a real-time routing feature with an Least Cost Routing based route selection function. In addition, the platform must have the flexibility of sender ID modification. Even when there is downtime during peak traffic hours, SMS wholesale software should support the auto reconnection and re-routing process. SMS messages are routed to the defined SMS service provider connection based on the telephone number in the least cost routing.

Using Least Cost Routing (LCR), SMS wholesale business transformation will get to improve their margin vastly:

  • Reduce rate: LCR helps reduce your message rate, which helps you increase traffic.

  • Business Growth: LCR helps you grow your SMS business worldwide.

  • Save Time and Money: LCR helps you save time and money as it will automatically choose the minimum price way to route your more expansive campaign.

  • Advanced Technology: Using LCR, you can use advanced technology with the least investment.

These are some of the many LCR benefits to any SMS wholesale business. Least Cost Routing will be revolutionary for the SMS wholesale business, and it will change how the Bulk SMS enterprise makes profits. You can try Least Cost Routing in your SMS wholesale business to have the maximum benefits from your business.