SMS Workflow Automation to Increase your Business Productivity

SMS Workflow Automation to Increase your Business Productivity
22 Jul

SMS Workflow Automation to Increase your Business Productivity

Posted by TeleOSS

Today, creating an interconnected ecosystem has become essential, especially for businesses where a lot of data is collected but less of it is useful. We've seen that the information is frequently dispersed throughout several systems, making it challenging to act swiftly and as needed. The data is unified across several systems in a well-built environment, making it accessible to employees on their phone devices.

The solution is to implement an automatic SMS procedure across all of the organization's relevant mobile users. As a result, the entire team is connected and able to stay updated through a single system while using such a framework. Additionally, the operations are simplified. In addition, it lessens the amount of time spent offline for IT maintenance by automatically updating the server in real-time.

So, how does SMS workflow automation help?

  • Boosts employee productivity by providing them with real-time data, alerts, and notifications on their mobile devices.
  • Decreases support costs by making essential information more readily available to customers.
  • Simplifies and expedites the reporting process.

What are the features of an automated SMS workflow system?

  • The automated solution integrates with multiple systems - NMS, SAPERP and Integrated PortManagement System (IPMS), NAVIS-Terminal Operating System, KARTOS – CarTerminal Operating System.
  • The External System Integration (ESI) layer integrates with your or organization’s IT system using file-based API and database integration protocols.

How does it really work?

  • The new automated system monitors the event’s occurrence as per deployed use case of server status update (up/down) to IT support staff via SMS.
  • It integrates with multiple systems, gets MIS reports details, and schedule report delivery via SMS to key decision-makers.
  • It integrates two-way messaging
  • It provides SMS based vessel-tracking service

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