Choose award-winning telecom software for your business

Choose award-winning telecom software for your business
25 Aug

Choose award-winning telecom software for your business

Posted by Teleoss

Choosing the suitable carrier for your telecom software platform is never the easiest thing to do. There are hundreds of alternatives in the market, and businesses must compare prices, after- sales support, functionality, features and customer review. TeleOSS is a leading SMS gateway software solution and VAS solution provider, with their solutions designed to support large scale of SMS and OTT messaging volumes.As a new age OTT platform, TeleOSS is popular for their improved flexibility and capability to offer businesses bulk SMS and bulk emailing campaigns an edge against other platforms. Due to its top-notch service and state-of-the-art platform, TeleOSS has been selected and received many awards since its inception.

Awards won by TeleOSS OTT Messaging Gateway.

The innovative technology that TeleOSS OTT Messaging Gateway uses has brought them a lot of laurels to their company. At Aegis Graham Bell Award in 2017, they have been awarded a winner in OSS/BSS" category for their innovation "TeleOSS OTT Messaging Gateway". The award honours the best innovation in the ICT domain in India. TeleOSS has also been a strong contender in many international competitions. Telecom companies compete to be awarded some of the most prestigious awards to help them stand out among customers.

TeleOSS OTT Messaging Gateway solution has also been the finalist for the Telecom Asia 10th Readers' Choice & Innovation Awards under the 'OTT Innovation of the Year category. It is an award many companies aim to win to support the authenticity and quality of service they provide. The award is also known for motivating IT software product companies to launch high- quality, user-friendly, innovative OTT solutions specifically designed for the industry.

How can TeleOSS help businesses?

As a leading SMS gateway software solution provider, our set of solutions are designed to support SMS and OTT volumes in large scale. Our TeleOSS solutions are equipped with innovative features, while we also provide customizable business features to support your requirements and help you acquire a competitive edge.

TeleOSS helps foster and stimulate innovators by providing a platform of bulk OTT message marketing by a business to their existing customer base without interfering with their existing network. TeleOSS is known for integrating state-of-the-art technology with cutting-edge innovations to give businesses a chance to find a strong foothold in their respective industries. The awards that TeleOSS OTT Messaging Gateway has won and nominated for in the last few years are a testament to the incredible support they offer to businesses with their customized solution tailored to a business' requirements.