The Significance of SMS Firewall in Today’s Market

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21 Sep

The Significance of SMS Firewall in Today’s Market

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A firewall is a security device in the form of computer hardware or software. What a firewall is doing is to monitor and filter incoming and outgoing network traffic based on previously established security policies. Firewalls establish a barrier between a secured and controlled private internal network and an untrusted public network such as the internet i.e. allow non-threatening traffic in and keep dangerous traffic out.

The rapid growth of corporate SMS comes with an increasing need to secure mobile networks from vulnerabilities in SMS. For a company looking to grow its market and credibility, unwanted spam and fraudulent messages can be quite harmful and can lead to revenue leakage. They can also compromise the safety of the company.

An SMS firewall solves these security concerns by defending mobile networks against all SMS-based messaging attacks, providing full protection and control over all messaging networks, automatically detecting and blocking spam and making sure that all incoming message traffic is monitored to avoid SMS fraud.

How It Works

Think of an SMS firewall as a brick wall between a private mobile network and the internet.

Whenever SMS traffic reaches a mobile operator’s network, the firewall processes each message, its originator, source, and route according to previously established rules. The firewall thus implements high-performance scanning to analyze each message, block grey routes, filter unwanted contents and identify threats.

Benefits of using SMS firewall

As stated earlier, an SMS firewall solves the concern of credibility, revenue leakage and helps to keep the company protected. It is thus quite essential to corporations, businesses and start-ups. Some of the benefits are:

  • A major problem mobile network operators face is that of “grey routes” which is simply when an SMS is sent through a legal channel initially, but at some point travels through illegal channels before reaching its destination. It is insecure and breaks trust in SMS transmission channels. The SMS firewall can help block grey routes and help drive traffic to approved channels.

  • SMS firewall prevents spamming by blocking unsolicited SMS messages to a subscriber.

  • It controls SMS traffic and prevents message flooding by blocking large amounts of messages to one or more destinations.

  • SMS firewall works as soon as it is deployed and is very flexible. It is independent of the device used and users can modify their requirements on the go.

  • It has a fully customizable data center allowing users the freedom of specifying rules and guidelines according to their needs.

  • It helps to secure the transparency of your network and makes sure that messages are not delayed. It also allows you to efficiently monitor and track delivery routes and caller IDs.

  • It safeguards the content of your message and helps avoid the addition of unsupported characters as a result of grey routing that may turn your message into nonsense.

  • Reduces revenue loss due to grey routes and fraudulent messaging schemes. SMS firewall provides a complete A2P monetization solution by classifying messages into A2P or P2P and subsequently blocking grey routes that appear. This controls A2P termination over official routes and eliminates revenue leakage.

To get the best SMS software solution is to get one that supports, in addition to its bulk messaging capability, SMS firewall and content filtering and that will help increase your revenue. TeleOSS SMS gateway software solution has a fully customizable data center and provides detailed messaging, business, revenue, network level and business reports.

It offers plan management based on mutual agreement and the plan can be modified on a real-time basis. It supports firewall, content filtering and many other features to keep your network and client’s communication secure. TeleOSS SMS gateway software also offers two ways messaging with domain configuration and API integration features, is loaded with advanced features and functionalities to enable aggregators and enterprise customers to leverage the platform to enhance their business reach and is one of the most innovative products in the market.