Top Transformation Challenges for SMS Wholesale solution

Top Transformation Challenges for SMS Wholesale solution
22 Apr

Top Transformation Challenges for SMS Wholesale solution

Posted by TeleOSS

The telecommunication companies must identify and execute a reliable, successful solution to stay competitive. We live in such a digitally-driven world full of innovation that presents sets of challenges for the business now and then. To increase your productivity in the telecom sector of your business, it is essential to understand and identify the digital transformation challenges that you face or may have to face in the future. This assists in the streamlining of your operations.

Top digital transformation challenges for SMS wholesale solutions:

Use the OSS(Operation Support System) to analyze, monitor, control and manage your telecom services.

1. Decentralize The Existing Digital Structure

The telecom industries rely upon centralized digital systems and have a single point of interaction for operation. Thanks to the evolved technologies, agile implementation and cloud computing methodology enabled decentralization. The internal and external systems of the telecommunication companies must be decentralized to lead an effective digital transformation.

2. Introduction of OTT and ancillary services

OTT stands for "Over The Top" services. Nowadays, all telecommunication services are encompassed by OTT. For achieving impactful digitalization, OTT services are critical. 

Incorporate the following into the existing infrastructure for the development of OTT and ancillary services.

  • New operators 

  • Flexibility in Business model

  • Allocation of revenues to new alliances 

  • Changes in the current alliances

Proceed carefully as the integration of the above features can challenge your digital transformation.

3. Addressing New Operational Complexity

The new age networks in the telecommunication industry provide a wide range of services to the end customers.

  • BSS (Business Support Systems) helps to execute business operations towards consumers.

  • BSS works with OSS to support many end-to-end communication services. 

  • With the rise of new services, a hike in subscriptions and customized solutions for customers increases complexity.

  • It would help if you focused on customer support, initial configuration, billing, etc.

  • This will increase the installation and operational costs and demands for additional resources and staff training. 

4. Cloud Integrated with the Internet of Things

Cloud computing and the Internet of Things(IoT) brought a great revolution in the telecom industry. Proper integration of both is always a significant challenge. Businesses must find out how and where these technologies must be deployed to fit into their work areas.

5. Upgradation of Legacy Systems

System upgrading can prove to be a headache for most telecommunication companies. It is very vital to upgrade your legacy systems. Older systems and software must be replaced with newer technology for achieving complete digital transformation. This piece of art is costly and time-consuming. It is always advisable to allocate resources and budget before beginning the transformation processes. Approach strategically towards it.


Your telecommunication company needs to match the pace with the digital technology in this dynamic digital world. You can overcome the digitization challenges through a planned strategy and, of course, an expert's foresight.