Value Added Services and SMS Still Has the Capability to Earn Up to 30% of the Operator’s Data Revenue

Value Added Services and SMS
1 Mar

Value Added Services and SMS Still Has the Capability to Earn Up to 30% of the Operator’s Data Revenue

Posted by TeleOSS

Although the rate of voice calls has reduced to almost the price of per SMS, consumers still rely heavily on SMS for several communications. Even in the era of smart phones and wearable devices where OTT applications seem to have eaten the space of VAS services, the story is different. Most of the smart phone and wearable device applications are connected to MSISDN number of the subscribers. In order to authenticate the mobile number without using any kind of internet connection, SMS is the only platform used by operators till date. Ultimately it has given rise to the usage and consumption of SMS than before. In fact operators are facing challenge of managing high SMS traffic volume with the increasing number of mobile phone devices in the market.

As per the SMS based revenue estimated in year 2008-2009, the total revenue from P2P and P2A2P categories was about 95, 271 cores which grew by 6% percent in 2010. So, considering the same level of y-o-y growth, one can understand the size of the market across the world. SMS industry has grown multi-fold and large number of SMS resellers,SMS wholesalers and SMS aggregators have established their business in the market. SMS industry has huge potential to mint money provided if proper network and robust solution platform is available. The market demands for solution that has the capability to manage high TPS and large volume of SMS traffic.

If the proper SMS gateway solution platform is implemented then the SMS platform has the capability to generate 30% of the operator’s voice revenue. As per the comparison between voice and SMS for network usage, SMS makes minimal usage of the network and offers higher success ratio compared to calls. Moreover, as per the latest trends, corporates and enterprises have adopted SMS platform than tele calling as their marketing activity because SMS yields much faster results than telecalling. Several companies have also installed SMS based customer service solutions by which they can receive customer alerts just by a click. For reliable SMS traffic and customer services, large corporates and BFSI segment is looking for standard platform that can offer them faster delivery and maximum successful messaging services. Enterprises are highly dependent on robust solutions so that their daily workflow is smooth.

It becomes highly important for operators, SMS wholesalers and SMS aggregators to choose walk with the evolving market and choose the best SMS gateway platform to cope up with the increasing demand, overcome the technical challenges and offer differentiating services to their customers.
TeleOSS is a global provider of SMS gateway software solution and SMS Hubbing solutions. With more than a decade of experience in catering to a wide range of Telecom and Mobile operators across the globe, the features and functionalities are developed keeping in mind the international standard of compliance. In order to address the rising challenges of Mobile Number Portability (MNP) and SMS delivery receipts, TeleOSS also has several security features that prevent spam and frauds.


  • Inbound and Outbound SS7/Sigtran/SMPP/ HTTP/HTTPS
  • Supplier Management
  • Supplier Traffic Monitoring
  • Supplier Rating and Charging
  • User Management
  • Client Traffic Monitoring
  • Client Rating and Charging
  • Least Cost Routing (LCR)
  • Invoicing
  • Revenue Cost and Profit Monitoring
  • Alerts
  • HLR
  • High TPS
  • Backup Capabilities

TeleOSS understands that each mobile operator have unique and advanced network and solution needs to be customized as per the business requirements. With customized features and functionalities supporting your business goals, you can offer high quality of service to your end customers. The TeleOSS SMS solution has been loaded with features to provide you global reach and complied to international telecom standards and regulations. The solution can be integrated with third party components for better quality of interoperability. It removes the complexities and reduces the cost of SMS by which you can generate maximum ROI quickly. The implementation of TeleOSS is simple and easy by which you can launch your services faster in the market.

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