SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway Overview

TeleOSS SMS Gateway software is an enterprise-grade platform providing fast, secure and reliable SMS delivery for A2P SMS traffic. Cost effective solution, with exhaustive features to enable operations and scale business.

Features & Benefits of International SMS Gateway

Service Excellence

  1. Manage multiple services with single Account: SMS, Email & Short Code/Long Code
  2. Fast, reliable SMS connectivity to handle high volume via SMPP (v3.4 & v3.5) for outbound and inbound connections. Other interfaces available SMTP, HTTP/HTTPs, XLS, CSV, Database, XML, scalable to handle other protocols as well.
  3. Bulk SMS & Two-way messaging: Enables service provider to send bulk SMS via direct subscribers and reseller’s subscribers as well as launch interactive services with configurable short code & long code, n level keyword – sub keyword categories, and workflow definitions based on user response.
  4. Message agnostic:
    • Multilingual SMS support with industry standard Unicode (UTF-8) format compliance
    • Message type supp text, binary, WAP push, OTA, ringtones, EMS, MMS etc.
    • Multiple SMS character sets (7-bit, 8-bit, Unicode/UCS2)
    • MIME and UTF-8 support for e-mail messages
    • Concatenated messages (optional truncate or reject)
    • Automatic or manual TON / NPI settings
  5. Message Enrichment & Filtering
    • Enrich messages based on configurable rules
    • Control traffic with filtering rules based on message content, sender ID or receiver ID
  6. Delivery reports: Unified error code mapping and live monitoring of delivery reports.
  7. SMS Flood And Spamming Alert: Monitor SMS flooding and spamming using TeleOSS built in mechanisms and send alerts for the same to service provider administrators
  8. Rule based Routing Engine: Intelligent tool for defining routes for SMS delivery based on configurable rules of sender ID, service plan, operator routes, gateways, user along with logical operators.
  9. Global coverage & MNP: Ensure global coverage with scalable platform to handle global interface requests along with mobile number portability service lookup integration.

Operational Excellence

  1. Easy to use Interface with all operations via GUI, with minimal domain and technical expertise
  2. Single platform for multiple accounts: Subscribers, resellers, partners, enterprise staff
  3. Whitelabled interface for: Subscribers and Resellers
  4. System Performance Monitoring & Reporting
    • Live Traffic monitoring Dashboard
    • Traffic statistics and MIS reports
    • User wise, Gateway wise, service plan wise traffic monitoring
    • Integrated email notifications and NMS
    • Exhaustive message analysis based on various criteria viz. Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, account, reseller, source and destination etc.
  5. Unified & configurable error code mapping for all connection gateways
  6. Failover Handling and management
  7. Exhaustive Logging and configurable log levels

Business Excellence

  1. Service plans
    Enables business ease and better manageability by defining service plans, to be assigned to multiple users as well as flexible to configure user wise services as well. One time product catalog definition with quality of service, rates and priority and control multiple user behavior.
  2. Quality of service and business alignment
    Define different plans for quality of service wrt message delivery, time optimization and priority in peak hours based on SLA with customer and hence, manage the sales margins
  3. Rule based routing
    Flexibility to define rule based routing based on various criteria of customer’s service plan, sender ID, source and destination, and combination of the same. Auto reconnection and re-routing mechanism to manage peak hour traffic or link failover.
  4. Integrable solution
    Flexible system with ready to deploy standard interfaces to integrate with any network elements, interactive service platform, workflow automation, infotainment and content provider platforms.
  5. Security Highly secure system to manage vulnerable scenarios with
    • Authentication (username/password, HTTP basic auth, SMTP AUTH)
    • Blacklist / whitelisting of mobile numbers
    • SSL support for all connections
    • SMTP relay control
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