Why have a TeleOSS SMPP2SIGTRAN Converter?

In any business environment, SMS delivery is fast becoming a key strategy to foster growth in sales and customer base especially when the SS7 Messaging Solution is used to initiate a high volume of demand and delivery. Short messaging follows a complicated pathway and multiple protocols, which makes our SS7 Protocol Stack suitable in reaching the end-user. For any retail business, connecting to customers is essential to perform marketing, transactional, or client support functions hence, our SS7 SMS Gateway becomes most appropriate for reaching customers.

While there is no reason to underestimate the value of SMS, it’s also an issue for retailers and operators alike to determine the most viable pathway in which a message is sent or received on either end. SMPP to SIGTRAN Connector therefore makes effective routing possible. The SS7 Protocol Stack are set of given rules organised in the form of a multi-laid stack that matches with the layers of recognised OSI model which implies that the many protocols in SMS delivery are enough to add confusion to the ever-expanding telecom industry.


In this light, the TeleOSS SMPP2SIGTRAN converter acts as a solution to one of the most significant dilemmas in short messaging because the SMPP to SIGTRAN Connector comes as a response to the challenge of SMS aggregation and termination. With many things to consider, like cost, lead time, and volume, the TeleOSS reliability in ensuring that performance is always at a high for subscriber-to-application and vice versa scenarios is achieved through the SIGTRAN Gateway .

Our products are developed by an expert team of R&D professionals who understand the ins and outs of the telecommunications industry. We believe that offering the most suitable connection for your business should be the top priority, hence, our SS7 SIGTRAN has been built to offer an IP founded interface making use of a standard SIGTRAN protocol M3UA.
With TeleOSS SMPP2SIGTRAN converter, you will achieve your desired SMS delivery experience at a cost that agrees with your budget because utilizing our SMPP to SIGTRAN Connector will result into a suitable routing choice. We work to provide you with the best options to raise revenue growth for your business when you engage with our SS7 Messaging Solution.

What are SMPP Server, SS7, and SIGTRAN?


SMPP or Short Message Peer-to-Peer is a protocol in information technology. The SMPP Gateway is used in sending and receiving message in mobile phones, including GSM, iDEN, CDMA, UMTS, and TDMA. It utilizes a level 7 TCP/IP, which means a faster SMS delivery.
SMPP is the means for you to receive and send messages from your cellphone. An SMS message goes through the SMPP to connect to an external system and then to the SMPP Server in a message center. SMPP SMS Gateway allows and handles high volumes of SMS at a time.




SS7 or Signaling System 7 is a standard in international communications that offloads PTSN traffic congestion to a digital wireline or wireless broadband network. It has high-speed circuit switches and digital signaling points that can exchange information between SS7-capable nodes.
What this means for SMS is quicker delivery with little to no lead time when receiving or sending messages. It also reduces the need for more resources, and therefore a cost-effective way to handle message termination


SIGTRAN or Signaling Transport is another IT protocol that serves an extension of the SS7 family. It is unique in that it uses a specific IP transport, which is the Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP). It sends SS7 signals directly over the internet via the SIGTRAN SS7 Gateway. SIGTRAN Gateway utilizes the internet as a resource for speedy global delivery

SIGTRAN widens the reach of SMS messaging and uses the internet for high-speed delivery on a global scale.It ensures that greater volume of text messages is sent simultaneously.

What are the standard features of our SMPP2SIGTRAN Converter?


Our SMPP2SIGTRAN connector is feature-rich and includes a full default license that lets you extend your messaging capabilities from only a Short Message Peer-to-peer (SMPP) connectivity to a faster and more reliable Signaling Transport (SIGTRAN) as an extended family of SS7 SMS Gateway, due to its speed and stability SIGTRAN Gateway has been able to retain its users.

If your SMPP client needs to reach any mobile network, our SIGTRAN connection is flexible and extends the existing VAS infrastructure to connect to multiple networking entities. Here are the specifications of the TeleOSS SMPP to the SIGTRAN converter.

Standard Features

TeleOSS SS7 SIGTRAN sms Gateway provides a single dedicated outbound SIGTRAN connection, which is robust and high-performing to handle the SMPP conversion. Although there is no GUI for our SMPP2SIGTRAN converter, you will be able to access all related information and configurations via file.

TeleOSS allows you to view the log files in a predefined format for transactions made in the last seven (7) days this is because our SS7 protocol stack has made it well organized The SMS transactional log files for the previous month are also available for access in a predefined format.


Functional Specification

Every SMPP2SIGTRAN conversion has a single SMPP port. In each port, one inbound SMPP user can use the connection to send an SMS. Likewise, a single SIGTRAN connection can be configured for each port. This connectivity ensures a secure and reliable way of sending and receiving SMS through such protocols, the SMPP to SIGTRAN connector ensures stability for both application and receiver.

The TeleOSS SMPP2SIGTRAN converter also allows you to retrieve log files for tracing client transactions and operator transactions. Each log file is available in a predefined format for your reference.

System Technical Specification

Depending on the number of licenses you purchase, these technical specifications may vary in terms of product deliverables. These details about system performance are based on stringent lab test results to provide reliable connectivity for your SMPP2SIGTRAN conversions.

Outbound Connections

Our SIGTRAN connection can support a maximum of fifty (50) service providers for outbound transactions.


System Throughput

While TeleOSS does not have any commitment to transactions per second (TPS), but it is flexible to accommodate your connectivity requirements and maintain a high level of performance and response time for every port. I.e it has not been restricted due to any of these reasons and with SS7 SMS Gateway, you are sure to deliver about 300 message per a single second.

Hardware/Software Specifications

Based on lab testing reports, here are the specifications for hardware and software that works best with TeleOSS SMPP2SIGTRAN converter.

Component Recommended Specification
LAN Ports GbE, Fast Ethernet, Ethernet ports
Operating System (OS) CentOS 7.0 – 64bit
Database No database; transactions handled by the log file
Application Java J2EE 7 & JDK 8

Why Choose TeleOSS SMPP2SIGTRAN converter?


Bridging the gap for better connectivity is what TeleOSS is about. We bring together applications and mobile devices through a fast track that highlights the stable connection and high-capacity SMS termination.

With the cross-functionality and versatility of an SMPP protocol integrated into the cost-saving IP-based transmission of SIGTRAN, the TeleOSS SS7 Converter gives you the right combination of reliable delivery at a reasonable cost. The SS7 Converter automates conversion of value from one field to another.

Why should you choose TeleOSS for your SMPP2SIGTRAN conversion? Here are the reasons.

Reliable Performance

The SIGTRAN connectivity has a high-performance implementation that makes sending and receiving SMS a quick and reliable event. These properties are critical in an SMS business or any other enterprise because short messaging is what connects retailers to customers of which you can get from our SS7 Messaging Solution.



Depending on the number of licenses you purchase, you will be able to get the exact product deliverables that your business requires. We give fair and honest SMPP2SIGTRAN capacity that you need with straightforward systems for billing and reporting that is useful for your revenue growth.

Load Balancing

With a dedicated SMPP port and SIGTRAN pathway, our TeleOSS system is carefully crafted by experts to bring you a steadfast load-balancing for your SMS termination requirements.


Low Ownership Cost

With our SS7 SIGTRAN SMS Gateway we offer interface for other SIGTRAN application server because we understand how cost-effectivity is vital in any aspect of a business. Our premium SMPP2SIGTRAN offering to you is on a per-license basis so that you only pay for what you need. You can enjoy the benefits of our standard license with no additional charges so that you can allocate your budget accordingly.

Log Filing

With our SS7 Protocol Stack, we provide reasonable log validity of one (1) month for SMS transactions and a 7-day log availability for other transactions. You get the information that you need and monitor your conversions carefully using a predefined log format.


Full Support

Our SIGTRAN Gateway expands accessibility of SMS which means TeleOSS is serious about giving clients the best support you need. Our customer care professionals are available to talk to at a moment’s notice. You can drop us an email or call our hotline in the information we have provided here.

Benefits of TeleOSS SMPP2SIGTRAN Converter in Bulk SMS Service

These days, a lot of resources have opened up in the telecommunications industry—service providers and vendors all offer adequate connectivity products such as software and servers. Value-added services (VAS) delivery is now made more robust and on a global scale. This converter represents network elements in an SS7 network.

Messaging is now a necessary commodity for businesses. Typically, every bulk SMS provider maintains an SMPP-based infrastructure to reach mobile operators (and by extension, the end-users) to deliver multiple messages in a short amount of time and for a vast number of customers.

While very useful, SMPP Server can be made more effective when applying various other connectivity protocols, say experts in the telecommunications industry. For instance, the SIGTRAN connection.

SS7 applications working through a SIGTRAN provides a hyper real-time insight on SMS delivery. Our SS7 SIGTRAN SMS Gateway eliminates the need for extra resources and space that is usually required by the mobile operator. With SIGTRAN, the network and information exchange can all happen over the internet with the SIGTRAN Gateway.

This automation and high-capacity function are what you need in your SMPP2SIGTRAN converter, because it's SS7 Converter makes automatic conversions of value from one field that has been inputted to other fields. With TeleOSS, you get the best of both worlds and ensure that your bulk SMS service is always available and running. With TeleOSS SMPP2SIGTRAN Converter, your SMS delivery is now better than ever.