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Why TeleOSS Only for Bulk SMS Gateway Software?

Looking for an SMS Gateway softwaree for your retail SMS business or SMS wholesale business? We are your complete SMS Gateway software solution provider: TeleOSS SMS Gateway Software.

TeleOSS is an Operational Support System and Telecom VAS Service Delivery Platform for the A2P market, specializing in message text termination, SMS aggregation, and functioning as an SMS aggregator platform, SMS Wholesale Solution, OTT messaging Gateway, SMS Hub, SMPP2SIGTRAN Converter, Trivia, Business Solution and SMS Router.

TeleOSS offers full operational, support, and control features. It has a scalable architecture for load handling and integrating other value-added services like IVRS, short code, email, OTT messaging all within the same as Omni channel platform. TeleOSS includes operational support features such as live traffic monitoring, dynamic routing, rating and charging, a ready-to-offer white-label solution platform, balance management, service management, a wide array of reports, SMPP-based API connections, and more.

TeleOSS SMS software is an enterprise-grade platform providing fast, secure, and reliable handling of high volumes of A2P SMS traffic. It is a cost-effective solution with exhaustive features to enable operations and scale your business. You can subscribe with a monthly rental or an annual license, supported by managed services.

System Architecture of Our SMS Gateway Software

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Operational Excellence

1. Easy to use Interface with all operations via GUI, with minimal domain and technical expertise

2. Single platform for multiple accounts: Subscribers, resellers, partners, enterprise staff

3. Whitelabled interface for: Subscribers and Resellers

4. System Performance Monitoring & Reporting:

  • Live Traffic monitoring Dashboard
  • Traffic statistics and MIS reports
  • User wise, Gateway wise, service plan wise traffic monitoring
  • Integrated email notifications and NMS
  • Exhaustive message analysis based on various criteria viz. Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, account, reseller, source and destination etc.

5. Unified & configurable error code mapping for all connection gateways

6. Failover Handling and management

7. Exhaustive Logging and configurable log levels

Features and Benefits of Our SMS Gateway Software

Service Excellence

1. Manage multiple services with single Account: SMS, Email & Short Code/Long Code

2. Fast, reliable SMS connectivity to handle high volume via SMPP (v3.4 & v3.5) for outbound and inbound connections. Other interfaces available SMTP, HTTP/HTTPs, XLS, CSV, Database, XML, scalable to handle other protocols as well.

3. Bulk SMS & Two-way messaging: Enables service provider to send bulk SMS via direct subscribers and reseller’s subscribers as well as launch interactive services with configurable short code & long code, n level keyword – sub keyword categories, and workflow definitions based on user response.

4. Message agnostic:

  • Multilingual SMS support with industry standard Unicode (UTF-8) format compliance
  • Message type supp text, binary, WAP push, OTA, ringtones, EMS, MMS etc.
  • Multiple SMS character sets (7-bit, 8-bit, Unicode/UCS2)
  • MIME and UTF-8 support for e-mail messages
  • Concatenated messages (optional truncate or reject)
  • Automatic or manual TON / NPI settings

5. Message Enrichment & Filtering

6. Enrich messages based on configurable rules

7. Control traffic with filtering rules based on message content, sender ID or receiver ID

8. Delivery reports: Unified error code mapping and live monitoring of delivery reports.

9. SMS Flood And Spamming Alert: Monitor SMS flooding and spamming using TeleOSS built in mechanisms and send alerts for the same to service provider administrators

10. Rule based Routing Engine: Intelligent tool for defining routes for SMS delivery based on configurable rules of sender ID, service plan, operator routes, gateways, user along with logical operators.

11. Global coverage & MNP: Ensure global coverage with scalable platform to handle global interface requests along with mobile number portability service lookup integration.

Business Excellence

1. Service Plans : Enables business ease, better manageability with service plans assigned to multiple users with flexibility to configure user wise services. One time product catalog with quality services, rates, priority and control multiple user behavior.

2. Quality of service and business alignment : Define different plans for quality of service wrt message delivery, time optimization and priority in peak hours based on SLA with customer and hence, manage the sales margins

3. Rule based routing : Flexibility to define rule based routing based on various criteria of customer’s service plan, sender ID, source, destination and combination. Auto reconnection and re-routing mechanism managing peak hour traffic or link failover.

4. Integrable solution : Flexible system with ready to deploy standard interfaces to integrate with any network elements, interactive service platform, workflow automation, infotainment and content provider platforms.

5. Security : Highly secure system to manage vulnerable scenarios with
Authentication (username/password, HTTP basic auth, SMTP AUTH)
Blacklist / whitelisting of mobile numbers
SSL support for all connections

"Now TeleOSS Launch SMS Gateway Software V4 - Extended version of SMS Gateway Software With highly customizable functions so that Aggregators, Resellers and Service Providers alike get all-around access to quick and easy solutions for an enterprise’s SMS delivery needs."


All-inclusive Services

TeleOSS is a unified messaging platform that backs all services like SMS, Email, WhatsApp, and other OTT messaging channels etc on one single platform. Furthermore, our SMPP Gateway offers hassle-free management of multiple services with a single account, including SMS, Email, and Short/Long Codes.


Swift and Consistent SMS Connectivity

TeleOSS provides a reliable and fast SMS connectivity solution through its SMSC Gateway for managing high-volume outbound and inbound SMS traffic via SMPP (v3.4 & v3.5). Additionally, it supports several other interfaces like XLS, CSV, Database, XML, and HTTP/HTTPS, and it can scale effortlessly to handle other protocols, too.

Advanced Features


  • Sales-driven routing and rule-based routing offer full flexibility
  • Precise, powerful, and fast rule-based routing editor
  • Take total control with conditional routing: route based on Sender ID, SMS content, destination, encoding or data coding, NPI, and TON.
  • After targeting traffic, modify, navigate, or reject messages.
  • State routing and rules independently for every customer.
  • Define one or multiple rules and conditions to increase routing scenarios for a network.
  • Maximize delivery with MNP/HLR-based routing.
  • Load balancing over multiple suppliers
  • Set up routing priority settings for explicit and time-critical traffic.
  • Activate routing changes within 10 seconds.
  • Improved least-cost routing (LCR)


Bulk SMS and Two-way Messaging

The SMPP Gateway facilitates service providers to send bulk messages through both direct and reseller's subscribers. Additionally, it provides configurable short codes, long codes, n-level keyword-sub keyword categories, and workflow definitions based on user responses, thus making interactive services easy to launch.

Traffic Flow Control

  • Sophisticated rule-based traffic management for efficient traffic flow
  • Priority control: delivery priority rules for each connection
  • Advanced queue management: pause, restart, prioritize, re-route, and reject buffered SMS.
  • Separate inbound and outbound SMS control
  • DLR handling in a separate queue to minimize the impact on SMS traffic
  • Intelligent retry mechanism based on error codes and routing rules
  • Asynchronous message processing to optimize delivery
  • Throttling: adjustable SMS throughput limits per second.


Rate Plans

  • Easily manage prices with a fast and simple interface
  • Tailor rate plans per customer with a negative margin indicator
  • Integrated currency converter
  • Ability to create multiple rate plans per customer, including special prices using the Price List Ex ceptions feature
  • Import and download MO price list, automatic issuance of rate changes to the customer
  • Automatic import of supplier's price updates
  • Find the lowest cost for MNP per Routing Source available on the platform

Message Agnostic

  • Sophisticated rule-based traffic management for efficient traffic flow
  • Priority control: delivery priority rules for each connection
  • Advanced queue management: pause, restart, prioritize, re-route, and reject buffered SMS.
  • Separate inbound and outbound SMS control
  • DLR handling in a separate queue to minimize the impact on SMS traffic
  • Intelligent retry mechanism based on error codes and routing rules
  • Asynchronous message processing to optimize delivery
  • Throttling: adjustable SMS throughput limits per second.


SMS Flood and Spamming Alert

TeleOSS provides built-in mechanisms to monitor and prevent SMS flooding and spamming, with the bonus of sending alerts to service provider admins.

SMPP Platform Rule-based Routing Engine Engine

Our smart tool offers configurable rules for defining routes for SMS delivery based on sender ID, service-based plan, operator routes, gateways, and user preferences, including logical operators.



Global Coverage and MNP Support

TeleOSS provides built-in mechanisms to monitor and prevent SMS flooding and spamming, with the bonus of sending alerts to service provider admins.

Business, Service and Security Measures

Service Quality
and Business Alignment

Create service quality plans for SMSC Gateway message delivery, time optimization, and priority during peak hours based on customer SLA, and use them to manage sales margins.

Highly Flexible
& Integrable Solution

The SMS Gateway Server comes with a versatile system of readily deployable standard interfaces to easily integrate with various network elements, interactive service and content providers, workflow automation, and infotainment platforms.

Rule Based Routing

Our SMSC Gateway routing solution offers flexibility in stating rule-based routing based on numerous customer service plan conditions, including the sender ID, source, destination, and their blends. Additionally, our system includes an auto reconnection and re-routing mechanism that manages peak-hour traffic or link failover. Our routing system functions in accordance with industry and consumer protocols.

Security Measures

Our system offers robust security and vulnerability management, including various authentication options like username/password, HTTP basic auth, and SMTP AUTH. Additionally, we provide an extensive range of features, such as blacklisting/whitelisting of mobile numbers and SSL support for all connections.

Trading Operations, Monitoring, Reporting & Filtering

  • Real-time billing for both postpaid and prepaid connections
  • Capability to manage multiple balances and billing accounts per customer and supplier
  • Credit management and alerts for both balance and overdraft
  • Issue support for multiple currencies, taxes, and languages
  • State routing and rules independently for every customer.
  • Easy integration with your existing company billing system through our advanced Finance API
  • Automatic export of rated CDRs through scheduled uploads to your sFTP server
  • Freedom to use your existing billing platform
Live Traffic Monitoring Dashboard
  • Access traffic statistics and MIS reports
  • Monitor traffic by user, gateway, or service plan.
  • Get integrated email notifications and a network management system through our A2P SMS platform.
  • Analyze messages based on criteria such as daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, account, re seller, source, and destination in detail.
Quick and individual export of comprehensive CDRs
  • Flexible data-filtering features to analyze your traffic
  • Export data to Excel or CSV for post-processing
  • Data export via download or sFTP to your sFTP account
  • Schedule report delivery to the email
  • Advanced financial reporting offers comprehensive financial information to the finance department.
Message Log: Glance your CDRs in real-time for every message
  • Easily troubleshoot message issues with accelerated PDU logs that are downloadable in JSON format
  • Filter messages through routing, content, DLRs, or by period
  • Analyze messages ultra-fast
  • Save selected filter options as a preset
  • View data with all-inclusive detail
  • Download logs comprehensively
  • View a thorough list of error codes
Real-time Reporting
and Statistics
  • Displaying detailed commercial and quality data
  • Visualizing results with interactive charts
  • Advanced filtering function with high granularity
  • Sophisticated drill-down options
  • Exporting statistics as Pivot Table for further analysis
SMS Filter
  • Various filtering options based on numerous variables
  • Filter for detecting and blocking unsolicited messages
  • SMS filtering through Destination, Originating, and Content
  • Individual SMS filtering is possible with user-defined rules.

New and Advanced Features in TeleOSS SMS Gateway Software v4

GUI Upgrades

TeleOSS allows you to showcase your brand through its newly improved software, offering a responsive GUI with a Theme Option to tailor the application's appearance. The administrative control provides the flexibility to modify the Color Style, Navigation selections, and Footer settings. In addition, TeleOSS enables end users to upload a Company Logo, resulting in more personalized software for your business needs.

High Availability (HA) Functionality

We have conducted comprehensive testing of our systems, making necessary upgrades to deliver uninterrupted services for an extended period. Our Failover via Active Application Server and Active-Passive Database Server ensures seamless operations.

Customizable GUI

Users have greater control over their GUI's appearance, with the option to create and modify GUI components to their liking using the software's accompanying API.

Multi-Language Support

Our software has a Multilingual User Interface to cater to clients worldwide. Simply choose a language for the GUI from our extensive list of options.

User-wise TPS

Our software allows aggregators to offer up to 500 transactions per second (TPS) to end-users. Plus, our database allows users direct access to dependable, consistent transaction data.


Our system can send dynamic SMS using parameter variables and assigned values, enabling the automatic delivery of targeted and concise messages to specific customer groups.


Our software enables customers to route text messages through the Home Location Register (HLR) using Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) functionality. This allows businesses to verify if a phone number is active or inactive.