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TeleOSS Business Solutions are built to automate enterprise processes and bring technology nearer to the user with easy to use solutions and integrable platform. The platform allows workflow automation for enterprise processes via messaging, location based services, mcommerce platform for mobile banking, mobile payments, top-up & recharge and other business cases.

Enterprise businesses are constantly looking for increasing their productivity and automating their processes by which they can enhance business revenue and create an edge over competition. One of the most effective ways of increasing business growth rate is by improving and adding intelligence to the enterprise communication platform. Faster they answer to customer request, faster they have opportunity to gain additional business!


TeleOSS Enterprise SMS Solutions

TeleOSS business messaging solution has been designed and built with an idea to provide end-to-end workflow automation solution to varied enterprise businesses right from lead generation to sales to processing and customer service. The platform offers the capability to communicate with multiple channels at the same time without any limitation of scalability and traffic. Robust platform has been designed to smarty integrate with legacy IT systems and applications. Flexibility of customization and innovative features available in the solution enable enterprises to increase the agility of their customer process.

The open architecture of the solution enables enterprises to easily integrate their existing eco-system with the platform and design the desired automation flow as per their business requirements. The solution is capable of supporting secured and standard protocols like SMPP, HTTP, HTTPs, XML, SOAP API, SSL over SMS, MMS, USSD and IVR messaging channels.

Solution Features

TeleOSS business texting solutions aims to provide you single platform by which you can communicate with your internal customers, external customers, partners, distributors as well as employees. The innovative features and functionalities provided in the solution enables enterprises to launch faster time to market, innovate automation process, enhance brand image and enable effective communication.


Workflow automation

  • SMS short code based enterprise operations automation
  • Ready to integrate platform with enterprise IT infrastructure
  • Independent to any SMS service provider
  • Seamless integration solution with any database
  • Allows users to create multiple workflows as per business requirements

Location Based Services

  • Adding innovative model in the business automation process
  • Supports context aware platform by integrating with voice or data networks
  • Send messages to the users in particular location regarding deals/alerts/notifications
  • Same platform can be extended to cater to any location based message delivery services

Secured e-Payment Services

  • Enables mobility and agility to end users
  • Offers secure platform integrated with existing core banking applications, brokerage houses, funds management, etc.
  • Scalable to handle millions of transactions of debit/credit transactions

M2M Platform

  • Interact with fleet management, work force tracking, logistics, etc.
  • Integrate with existing telecom infrastructure, RFID interfaces and other IT infrastructure.
  • Ready to Integrate I Easy to Configure l Standard Protocols

Market Segments (with icons)

  • Hospitality Manufacturing Healthcare
  • Enterprise Universities Retail
  • Smart Cities Fleet Management Marketing Agencies

Business Benefits


Robust Automation Platform Capabilities

The convergent solution platform enables businesses to customize and automate as per their business requirements with advance functionalities and features. It supports all major communication protocols required to integrate with the existing business solutions.

Single Platform for Different Segments

Customers dealing in multiple business segments have the benefits of using same platform with different automation process designed for their businesses. The solution offers single platform, vendor and dashboard to manage the different channels of business from same or multi-location.


Simplified Service Offering

Even the complex process can be simplified and automated for different business verticals. The platform has been designed to support end-to-end communication platform with multiple channel support like SMS, MMS, USSD, etc.

Cost Optimization

With streamlined automated process, the investment on different platforms like calling, mailing and emailing can be replaced easily as SMS platform offers the cheapest and best process oriented support. It can be customized and optimized as per the business requirements.


Enhanced Customer Relationship

Keep your new customers aware about the latest products, services and offerings while existing customers are engaged using up sell and cross sell opportunities. Less customer churning and increasing revenue.