Solution for VoIP Providers

VoIP Gateway Software Solutions

With the increasing use of SMS texting services by cell phone users, VoIP providers are incorporating non-voice services to their platform. Some of the large VoIP have also integrated SMS in their VoIP infrastructure by which they are able to offer innovative solutions of voice based text messages to their customers. Whether customers are using PBX or IPBX services, enabling text messaging services for a wide range of network operators like voice applications, network devices, call centres, etc. offers an edge of technology. In order to provide huge amount of SMS services and faster response, partnering with the SMS gateway is very important.

TeleOSS SMS Gateway Software Solution offers a robust and scalable solution which can manage high amount of bulk SMS services with more than 1000 TPS. With routing and controlling facilities, TeleOSS SMS Gateway also offers P2P and M2M features. With multi-layer security and validation system support, our SMS gateways are fully customizable as per your business requirements. Ensuring end-to-end and real-time traffic reports are some of the major functionalities in our solution.

How VoIP and SMS Services empower customers?

Enabling SMS services to your existing VoIP customers will benefit and empower them to following advantages:

  • Message contacts to domestic or international users
  • Primary as well as secondary routing for optimum redundancy
  • Business SMS provisioning for all the DID numbers
  • P2P messaging services
  • Auto response facilities based on incoming SMS
  • Auto SMS response on incoming calls, SMS, etc.
  • Security compliance (e.g. Text to 911)

Major features of solution for VoIP Providers

  • SMPP
  • Price management
  • Invoicing
  • Billing Management
  • White Label Reseller
  • Inbound and Outbound SMPP
  • Dynamic Routing
  • Flash Messaging and Unicode
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Two Way SMS/li>
  • HLR
  • Support 1000 TPS
  • Live Traffic Dashboard
  • Flexible TPS Model
  • Reporting

TeleOSS SMS Gateway Software Solution has been designed and developed to support SMS services as an integral part of your DID services. With more than a decade of experience in catering to a wide range of national and international VoIP providers across the globe, we offer the best in class solution at affordable and cost-effective rates.