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OTT Gateway Software Solution

Transforming the Mobile Messaging Market with Innovative OTT Platforms

Changes and evolution in the technology is constant and that is how innovative solutions, networks and platforms come to existence. Bulk SMS and Email are useful and effective platforms for launching business campaigns. However, the launch of Over the Top (OTT) applications like WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Ping, Facebook Messenger, Skype, etc. has gained tremendous popularity within a short span of time. The key drivers for the significant growth of these OTT applications are because of the surge in smart phone devices, enhanced wireless communication networks and increased mobile adaptability among people across the globe.

In the current digital era, almost everyone has a smart phone with internet connection. And the new age OTT applications offer much more flexibility and capability to offer an edge of other platforms like Email and SMS. Businesses using bulk email campaigns and bulk SMS campaigns to promote their products and services can now also leverage the

OTT Software Solutions

. With the help of bulk OTT messaging campaigns, enterprise businesses and brands can easily launch customer specific campaigns with customized messages, videos, advertisements, graphics and links. Further, they can also use different OTT applications depending on their targeted regions. The immeasurable benefits that the OTT platform offers can transform the current mobile messaging and promotion market.

So what’s the challenge in leveraging all the OTT platforms?

Each every country has a set of OTT applications which are famous within that region. The major challenge that enterprise customers and OTT aggregators are facing to expand their reach and offer simplified communication platform is the lack of a unified OTT software that is pre-integrated with all the standard OTT apps and supports bulk messaging process with the flexibility and scalability to support millions and billions of messages. The current need of the hour is a solution that can enable customers to use their desired choice of OTT platform or cross platforms for sending promotional messages.

TeleOSS Bulk OTT Messaging Gateway

TeleOSS OTT Software solution has been specifically designed and developed to support the OTT Aggregators and Bulk SMS resellers & wholesalers market including the enterprise segment. The OTT platform has been pre-integrated with some of the well-known and standard OTT platforms like Viber, WhatsApp, etc. in the market. The solution has the ability to handle highly scalable network with millions of messages per second. The software platform is hardware agnostic and network agnostic by which it can be deployed without disrupting your existing communication network. The solution built on open architecture and modular model enables enterprises and brands to easily integrate with their existing business systems like CRM, LDAP, etc. to launch personalized business process for enhanced productivity.

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Huge Potential for Bulk SMS Aggregators, VoIP Service Providers, Marketing Agencies and Enterprise Customers

SMS Aggregators

who are already have an established client base for bulk SMS messaging can also tap the highly potential market of OTT messaging. The landing cost of the OTT messaging is much lesser than the SMS which enables enterprise to also benefit by combining OTT and SMS promotional plans for their products and services. Similarly, SMS resellers and SMS wholesalers can also launch their parallel messaging platform using the bulk OTT messaging gateway.

VoIP Service Providers

can also leverage the platform to launch a separate line of business enabling their existing customer base to use the VoIP services as well as launch OTT messaging services to promote their services in different regions and markets. The platform can centrally managed for all the customers from single location using user friendly GUI. It also offers an additional revenue generating platform which has the huge potential to transform into a great business in coming few years.

Marketing agencies who are currently offering different platforms like advertisements, SMS based promotions, SEO/SEM, website banners, digital or print ads, etc. can also leverage the platform by offering an additional plan of promotion to their clients and customers. The OTT platform can enable customers to send personalized messaging using the digital products like videos, memes, voice messages, graphics, ads, mailers, etc. within the message which makes it more potential tool for the marketing. The OTT market is a ready-to-tap market which can yield faster results and high revenue generation for the marketing companies.

Enterprise Businesses

customers can leverage the OTT messaging gateway solution by integrating it with their business systems like CRM, Staff Database, Customer Database, etc. for marketing, sales and several other processes. In fact, with the help of the OTT messaging gateway solution, enterprise customers can also launch automated business processes by which your staff, customers and users can receive alert messages on their OTT applications in the devices. The business process automation through OTT platform can enhance the productivity of the employees and yield faster results in terms of reaching your customers’ inbox compared to cold calling or bulk mailing.

Solution Architecture

System Architecture of Our SMS Gateway Software

Features and Functionalities

TeleOSS is one of the leading OTT solution provider in the market. Our OTT solutions is one of the most innovative in the market which has been loaded with advanced features and functionalities to enable aggregators and enterprise customers to leverage the platform to enhance their business reach.

System Configuration

The OTT messaging gateway offers two way messaging with domain configuration and API integration features.

Account Management

With the help of account management, Aggregators or OTT resellers can manage different customer accounts using Add/Update/Delete. It also has the facility to create different profiles of the customers and Access Control Limit (ACL) management. OTT aggregators can create various reseller profiles and customers accounts below them with defined ACL rights to manage their individual networks. It also offers the facility to view and manage the usage of each account with balance history details.

Plan Management

The plan management enables OTT aggregators or OTT wholesalers to create different OTT plans which can be provided to customers as per their business requirements. It is fully customizable and based on the mutual agreement the plan can also be modified on real-time basis. Different types of plan reports can be generated to understand the insightful information about the campaign.

Content Management

The best thing about OTT platform is it facilitates customers to receive digital messages with image, videos, ads, voice messages, etc. which can be managed using the content management. In order to curb the message spamming and illegal communication, content filtering is also an important which is added in the OTT gateway feature set.

Rating and Charging

The rating and charging system helps in combing the plan with the rate card depending on various credentials like the amount of messages, users, country, content, etc. Attached with the plan, the system automatically generates the Rating and Charging report.

Vendor Management

The system helps in adding, updating and removing different vendors from the system. There are also options to manage the TPS of the system.

Routing Management

There are different types of routing mechanisms available in the system which enables the customers to receive SMS, OTT or email depending on the failover. Further there are operator, user, vendor, etc. wise routing as well. Depending on the priority of the messages to be sent or platform to be used, the routing can be managed.

Reporting and Analytics

TeleOSS understands the importance of reporting because of which a wide range of detailed messaging reports, summary reports, business, revenue, and network level reports are offered.

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Business Benefits

Cost Effective Platform

The OTT messaging platform is much cost effective platform compared to the bulk mailing or cold calling. It also yields faster results compared to the other platforms.

Omni-Channel Approach

The OTT platform not only support OTT messages but also has the capability to provide SMS, Email and OTT support making it an omni-channel for the customers to offer variety of services.

Safety and Security

In order to ensure the complete safety of messages being sent to the end users, the system also supports firewall, content filtering and many other features to keep your network and client’s communication secured.

Differentiated Service Platform

With the help of OTT gateway, the SMS aggregators, SMS service providers, VoIP service providers, enterprise customers, and marketing agencies can launch differentiated service offering for their customers.

Revenue Generation

The bulk OTT messaging is a ready market to tap which can results into great revenue generating platform.

Content Control

Based on the features and functionalities available in the system, admin can control the adult, porn or anti-nation content being published.

Compliance and Compatibility

The system has been designed in compliance with the global standard of OTT application platform and it is compatible to be integrated with any existing gateway built on standard protocol.

Next-Gen Features

The OTT platform has been designed to enable enterprise customers and brands to launch business automation process using the OTT gateway.

Reporting and Analytics

The in-depth reporting and analytics tool available in the solution can help in business, network and revenue management.

If you need more information regarding our bulk OTT mobile messaging gateway software solution platform then please contact us at info@teleoss.co