SMS Wholesale Solution

Next Generation Carrier Grade SMS Wholesale Solution

Comprehensive SMS platform for all your SMS service needs
With the increasing demand of SMS across the world, major Tier 1 operators and carriers are looking for better ways to manage the traffic. Enterprise customers, especially banks, healthcare, hospitality, travel and logistics companies, have taken SMS wholesale platform for their routine business processes as well as marketing which has led to multi fold increase in the global traffic. Apart from the national traffic, the SMS traffic is also routed through international market which has added to the revolution and large-scale SMS flow. In such case, it is important operators and carriers opt for the new generation of SMS wholesale solution which can seamlessly cater the scalable network with advanced features & functionalities for multi-nation transactions.


By choosing Wholesale SMS model, international service providers and telecom operators can expand their business network across different countries without several bi-lateral agreements. The complexity and cost of SMS interworking across different countries is significantly reduced with the help of SMS wholesale solutions. Customers from multiple countries can send and receive SMS without any challenge if the SMS wholesale solution is placed in the operator network. Moreover, the billing, invoicing and financial transactions are also managed automatically by the system as per your business model.
TeleOSS is a leading carrier grade SMS wholesale solution provider catering to service providers, SMS wholesalers, SMS resellers and retailers across the globe. TeleOSS wholesale sms provider comes with robust messaging solutions which helps in catering large scale networks of A2P, P2P and bulk messaging services globally. It is a highly interoperable solution that has capability to seamlessly integrate with the legacy systems in your telecom network. Loaded with advanced features and functionalities the solution is capable of offering SMS coverage to multiple global connections. It also comes with monetization options by which MVNOs can expand their networks to new horizons and generate additional revenue. Rule based routing and real-time traffic monitoring further add value to enhance business operations. Innovative business models and ability to scale up to billions of messages, the platform is comparatively most cost effective solution in the current market.

Features and Functionalities

Service Management

  • Sales-driven routing and rule-based routing offer
  • Advance features like idle time out, keep alive, source porting and many more
  • Supports protocols like SMPP, HTTP, Parlay X and much more
  • Message Management

  • Supports multi-lingual SMS as per the industry standard code
  • Supports message types like binary, WAP, push, ringtones, etc.
  • Variety of message flows to store, forward, customize, error code mapping, etc.
  • Highly flexible solution for rule based routing mechanism
  • Re-routing and re-connection automated
  • MNP Lookup, rate plans and credit volume supported


Rating and Charging

  • Ability to create service bundle, QoS and rating
  • Supports SMS queuing based on priority
  • Time and destination based rating
  • Multi-currency and partner management support
  • Dynamic invoice templates for branding options

Reporting and Analytics

  • Platform connections, traffic and performance reports
  • Automated notifications for balance, recharge, users, etc.
  • MIS reports for status update, summary, vendors, etc.
  • Instant delivery reports on messages
  • Download reports in different formats

System Management

  • Highly flexible and customizable solution
  • Open to integrate with legacy system for personalized offerings
  • Modular based architecture with simplified user access
  • Supports Linux and Solaris
  • Standard protocol support HTTP/SOAP API
  • Highly secured solution with authentication features
  • Maintains complete log files of users
  • System Management

  • Supports GSM IS 95, ANSI 136, iDEN
  • GSMA - IR.75

Business Benefits


Save Cost

With the help of TeleOSS SMS carrier grade wholesale solution you can drastically reduce the SMS termination cost with the least cost routing mechanism.

New Business Models

With the innovative business models and advanced set of features built-in the next generation SMS wholesale solution, you can enhance your business network, revenue generation and customer base.

Single Platform

SMS Hub solution offered by TeleOSS has majorly all the required features and functionalities for service providers. It is a single point of connection for all your global transactions including customers and aggregators.

Fully Customizable

The benefit of choosing TeleOSS solution is you can customize the solution as per your business requirements. Moreover, the modular architecture allows you to choose the required features from the entire set.


Go International

With the help of the carrier grade SMS wholesale solution from TeleOSS, you can seamlessly roll out your services in international market faster with any challenges.

Enter New Horizon

TeleOSS also offers advanced solutions like OTT Gateway and Automated Business solution which you can opt for expanding your business offerings.

TeleOSS is one of the best SMS wholesale providers. We have a wide range of SMS solutions for your business need. For more information regarding the carrier grade SMS wholesale solution, please click here