Exposure to Enterprise Grade SMS Gateway Platform

Exposure to Enterprise Grade SMS Gateway Platform
7 Oct

Exposure to Enterprise Grade SMS Gateway Platform

Writer : TeleOSS

With this article I would like to go in-depth with SMS Gateway Software Platform and its expected service, operational & business excellence. I would like to explain you the required scalability with exhaustive features a SMS Gateway Software should be to enable operations and improve business with some of the details of TeleOSS platform.

TeleOSS is a Bulk Messaging software platform to become independent Aggregators with advanced operational, services & business excellence features. Aruhat‘s TeleOSS SMS Gateway Platform is an enterprise grade platform providing fast, secure and reliable SMS delivery for A2P SMS traffic. It is a cost effective solution, with exhaustive and advanced specifications to enable operations and scale business.

It has a scalable architecture for dynamic routing and adding mobile value added services like Short code, Long code, USSD, Email, eFax and others in the same platform.

TeleOSS SMS Gateway Features & Benefits include

Service Excellence

  • Manage multiple services with single Account: SMS, Email & Short Code/Long Code
  • Fast, reliable SMS connectivity to handle high volume via SMPP
  • Delivery reports, SMS Flood and Spamming Alert, Rule based Routing Engine
  • Ensure global coverage with scalable platform & overall multilingual support

Operational Excellence

  • Single platform for multiple accounts: Subscribers, resellers, partners, enterprise staff
  • Live Traffic Monitoring Dashboard, Dynamic Routing, Multiple HTTP, SMPP & SMTP Routing
  • White labeled interface for: Subscribers & Resellers, Country-wise, Operator-wise Charging & Rating
  • 500 TPS supported (Lab Tested), Payment Gateway Integration, SMPP based API connection

Business Excellence

  • Extended business reach and better manageability by defining service plans
  • Multiple services plans, user plans & time optimization for business alignment
  • Delivery reports: Unified error code mapping and live monitoring of delivery reports
  • Integrable Solution with ready to deploy standard interfaces

TeleOSS SMS Gateway Data Sheet

Will also like you to go through our SMS Gateway Data Sheet for technical specifications covering account management & service management features, details of Message flow, Dynamic routing, Product catalog, Billing and Payments.

The Data Sheet covers details about SMS delivery reports, currency, invoicing, security and logging standards. It let you know more about Bulk SMS User Management & interface , Reporting and notification details. It includes additional features like Two-way SMS, MNP Support/HLR Lookup , Email service management and White label reseller panel . It talks about detailed system performance specifications and technical specifications.

Please download the data sheet or contact at info@aruhat.com for more details about TeleOSS SMS Gateway Software.