SMS Aggregators: Make sure that your gateways are best used to give Excellent Services

SMS Aggregators
18 Jun

SMS Aggregators: Make sure that your gateways are best used to give Excellent Services

Writer : TeleOSS

Each and Everyone of us as Bulk SMS Aggregators are connected to multiple Operators, other SMS Aggregators, SMS Hubs and SMS Whole Sellers to provide good and efficient SMS Services to our Clients. We face so many Service issues of SMS delay and non delivery of SMS, additionally the Delivery Reports are always a concern. This results in Client dissatisfaction and drop in our SMS Volume, which in return effects our market share and profits.

Real Problems of a Bulk SMS Aggregator

  • Achieving a Routing Module that can handle multiple Gateway connections, but should be reliable and scalable to handle ever increasing SMS volume
  • A strong, reliable & experienced technical team (in-house or outsourced) that can develop a scalable platform with detailed controlling features at a GUI level
  • Achieving the throughput for a high SMS Volume (TPS and/or TPM)
  • Inability to identify that there is any issue with services, until any client reports non delivery of SMS or Delivery Reports
  • A time consuming process to identify the gateway which is causing problems and take corrective actions
  • A lack of operational handling resources through GUI. Most of the times the Source Code has to be accessed, which is really a time consuming job and the solutions are delayed in this time critical environment
  • Lack of automation in routing of gateways during downtime & situation based scenarios, resulting in too much consumption of time for resolution of issues and manual change in routing every time
  • Too much Involvement of Support people for problem resolutions and handling downtime, increasing the time and human resource cost and an under confident client list increasing the risk of loosing them
  • The Inability to Track, Monitor and Control the SMS Traffic coming from the user, getting segregated as per plans and routing through gateways

What can be done?

  • The first and foremost thing is to have a clear plan/idea of what do we want to achieve in the quest to give good services
    • Good Speed
    • Multiple Gateway Connections SMPP or HTTP (most common, then there are other APIs too). This can also be called an SMPP Router / an SMPP Server / an SMPP Gateway of an SMPP Multiplier
    • Auto routing of SMS from one gateway to another when the former is down
    • Tracking of SMS delays, Delivery Report delays and Gateway down time
    • Regular operational and issue handling from the GUI
    • A scalable Platform that can handle increase in the volume of SMS, Delivery Reports and Users data
  • The options for the Gateway Routing Module or Platform
    • Many open source free SMS gateways available on-line AND Licensed SMPP Routers are also available. We just need to develop the operational and automatic logics to run the services
    • We can have in-house or hire/outsource a development team to develop from the scratch or use the available sources mentioned above
    • We can also opt for companies who offer total Bulk SMS Aggregator platform
  • We need to make sure that all the criteria as per our plans are available in the Platform and test them
  • We must make sure about the reliability of the developers and the after sales or after development support and commitments from them
  • The Platform must have a screen showing the SMS coming from the Users, to the offered plans and finally getting routed through the configured gateways. This would make sure that you or your support personnel monitors the traffic in real time and takes quick action on seeing any issues
  • The Platform must have the facility to configure routing as per downtime. E.g., if gateway A is down of 2 minutes, then SMS should be automatically routed from gateway B, and if gateway B is down for 30 seconds, the the SMS must be automatically routed from gateway C
  • The system must have a good capability of handling volumes of SMS Aggregator and related server configurations must be made available

    A feature of defining Rules, which auto applies when such a routing scenario arises is a big benefit

    • E.g.: The Messages to be delivered in operator A (delivery destination) must be routed from operator A only
  • Again the Platform must Track the Plan wise and gateway wise Delivery Reports updates, so we understand the clients of which plan are facing issues of non-update of DR and which gateway has not updated the DR yet

We believe each Bulk SMS Aggregator, New or Old, a wannabe SMS Aggregator OR an Aggregator with an in-house Development Team or an outsourced Development Team will be benefited if they plan their Platform with these operational and tracking features and would be able to successfully provide good services to their Clients

About Us

We, Aruhat Technologies Pvt. Ltd. are Bulk SMS Aggregators and also provide Bulk SMS Aggregator Platform named TeleOSS which is a Technology for SMS Aggregators with all the full Operational, Support and Control Features. TeleOSS has a Scalable Architecture for Load handling and adding other Value Added Services like Short Code, Email and others in the same Platform

TeleOSS can also be used as an SMPP Router and can be extended to become Bulk SMS Hub, SMS Gateway Software and SMSC Software with added Customizations

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