4 Reasons Why Your Customers Want SMS Messaging

4 Reasons Why Your Customers Want SMS Messaging
29 Sep

4 Reasons Why Your Customers Want SMS Messaging

Posted by TeleOSS

“We are sincerely sorry, but we are currently experiencing high call volumes. Please hold on and bear with us. Your call is very important to us.” Everyone who has attempted on the phone to interact with a business, for whatever reason, has heard this frustrating phrase at some point, or at least something just so similar to it. Still, businesses remain hesitant to have a change of game utilizing a channel as simple as SMS messaging. Many hold a wrong belief that this mode of communication is outdated or that their customers don't want to get messaged. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

A recently conducted survey infers that more than 64% of people believe that businesses should adopt the use of SMS, even chatbots, oftentimes to communicate with one’s customers and 70% believe that it as an effective form of commercial interaction. And below are four reasons why.

There is Convenience in SMS Messaging

Convenience remains the main reason why customers appreciate the SMS messaging system as an effective marketing tool. Assuming you need a haircut, there’s no need to phone through a countless number of times with the hope of getting through. Just a simple SMS can book you an appointment. Then, the salon can confirm your booking and also send you a reminder via SMS a few hours earlier. Now, answer the question, “Doesn’t that mean convenience?

Undoubtedly, SMS messaging is also an amazingly efficient mode of communication. How many people leave their houses without their cell phones? Making your good customers read your promotional SMS or get SMS alerts of any policy changes, for example, is as fast as possible, and it is most times guaranteed. On the other hand, it is also convenient for the customers too. They do not have to go through hundreds of emails or in the end, get disturbed by annoying salespeople.

It Is Very Relevant

SMS marketing tool is so positive basically because of its opt-out and opt-in functions. This means that the receivers of your SMSes are getting the messages because they want to be aware of what exactly is going on. Creating targeted messages based on behavior and demographics is also very easy. And more so, personalized form of communication is always going to be more successful than the generic ones because the content always appears relevant to your customers. SMS messages about the latest fixed prices of haircuts, for example, may make you win the business. Personalization also reduces the risk of your customers seeing your messages as spams.

It Is Very interactive

SMS messaging isn’t just a one-way road. It allows you to both sends and receives messages to and from your customers. Rethink that haircut example. That interaction could only increase the engagement level of the customer with your own business because it is convenient and on their terms. There are many types of interactive options for your SMS campaigns. You could run a contest, issue a survey, receive feedbacks on services, or even just generate some engaging polls. And what of using SMS messaging as part of your customer service offering? Most people are more likely to text for customer service than to phone or use some other channels.

It Is Green

People are always conscious of their environmental impacts. A very nice way to help this is by simply marketing through mobile coupons – a simple SMS message with all the promotional information in it. Also, with the added advantage of a two-way SMS messaging system, customers can simply reply with a text message back to the business just to redeem their discount. There is no unnecessary printing or packaging and the environmental impact is so negligible.

As a business owner, if you are looking for an extremely productive way of communicating and keeping in touch with your customers, then look no further than SMS. Read our latest article on why any business size should adopt the use of bulk SMS and find out how SMS can improve your business-to-customer relationship.


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