5 SMS Statistics to Excite Any Business about SMS

5 SMS Statistics to Excite Any Business about SMS
24 Sep

5 SMS Statistics to Excite Any Business about SMS

Posted by TeleOSS

Just as we've mentioned in the previous articles, the high-sky effectiveness of SMS at engaging customers in all scenarios is not a spic-and-span matter. Statistical facts have also been brought today as a microscope for sensing through the worthiness of SMS in society.

To receive an SMS from anywhere and anybody, someone does not need a mobile phone. And this brings about flexible accessibility; where the elderly or very low-income earners who may not afford a smartphone receive text messages. Therefore, If your business intends to hit a large audience, it is totally recommended you go for SMS.

There are numerous statistics, up to thousands, and success narrations about SMS and a quick example are the amazing 98 % open rate, and that 90% of all SMS sent are opened within the first 2-3minutes of arrival, the list can keep going. However, we have decided to share just 10 SMS Statistics that may be strange to you, but will at least keep you excited.

1. 75 percent of customers prefer that if at all special offers will be sent to them, it should be done via an SMS. [Source: Digital Marketing Magazine]

The reason behind this is the conciseness of SMS ( 160 characters), the offers will be briefly stated and will head straight to the point compared to E-mails where long and boring texts might be included in the offer.

2. 78 percent of people long for a conversation via SMS with a commercial enterprise. [Source: RingCentral]

Nowadays where time is money and no one wants any sort of inconvenience, customers do not want to stay for long before they get a response from any organization they've lodged a complaint to. And of the safest way to achieve this is through SMS. invest

3. 84 percent of commercial enterprises who have spent some of their revenue on mobile presence testify instant and long-term profit. [Source: web.com]

This shows that if promotional and marketing SMS can be used efficiently, by setting up machine-controlled messages for the business regular tasks, there will be a significant positive change in customer satisfaction rate and sales.

4. SMS marketing campaigns are seven times more effective than e-mail marketing campaigns. [Source: DSIM]

The statistic here depicts that SMS has a very high open rate of about 98% open rates compared to any other communication channel such as E-mail with the open rates of nearly about 10-20%. This is really a big shot!

5. 80 percent of people utilize SMS for business purposes. [Source: Rebrandly]

Initially, SMS was meant for Person-to-Person communication, shorthand as P2P. However, SMS has now been getting attention from several different business sectors. It is being used by the company themselves to communicate within and outside the company.

The incorporation of SMS into business has never been regretted, rather it boosts and greases the elbow of businesses, as it helps in easing the communication between business owners and their clients.

6. While E-mail has a response rate of 6%, SMS has a response rate of 45%. [Source: Velocify]

Yes, this is bound to happen. E-mails can not be checked without the availability of mobile data, whereas, just a normal telephone is sufficient to check through an SMS

7. Over 80 percent of United States adults text using SMS. And this makes sending of SMS one the most common activity done on phone [Source: Pew Internet]

8. Statistically, it is just only 43% of individuals that use smartphones to make phone calls, but more than 70 percent use it to send SMS. [Source: Connect Mogul]