6 Dos and Don’ts of SMS Marketing

7 Oct

6 Dos and Don’ts of SMS Marketing

Posted by TeleOSS

All you need to know about SMS Marketing 

A perfect choice in business, if you want to communicate well with your customers or audience in an efficient, fast and cheap way, is SMS marketing. Today, there are way more than 6 billion mobile devices in the world. SMS reached over 3 billion people using these 6 billion devices. This means that SMS is currently ruling the mobile market and remains the most used tool on smartphones, in spite of mobile development with an abundance of mobile apps and easy to access and surf the internet on a mobile phone.

SMS marketing is also known as text messaging marketing is one of the most effectual ways to engage customers, grab their attention and gain their loyalty. Supporting this claim, we will offer you a few reasonable data points:

1. 90% of SMS messages are read in just 3 minutes

2. Redemption rate is10 times higher for mobile coupons compared to printed coupons

3. 98% of text messages are opened and read

Having known all these, using SMS for marketing purposes might seem easy but in actuality, communicating effectively using SMS requires a bit of effort. Just like any other marketing activity, SMS marketing also has its rules and good and bad practices. Below are the top 3 Dos and 3 Don'ts of SMS marketing.


1. Call-to-action (CTA)

SMS messages are short with just 160 characters long. One very good way to craft an effective text message is using “5 W’s and one H” of journalism –What, Who, When, Where, Why and How. The last W (Why) and the H (How) are the best foundations for your call-to-action (CTA). You are simply telling your customers what to do after reading your SMS marketing messageExample: WHY – to get your coupon; HOW – by texting the keyword to a short code.

2. Always Be Brief

As it was mentioned above, SMS is short. You have to be focused and skillful to write short but yet effectual SMS marketing message to grab the attention of your customers. The application of the KISS principle is the best way. It means: Keep It Short and Simple.

3. Do Start With Attention Grabbers

You must make sure to use each character of the 160 smartly! This is why finding something effective that will engage your customers and immediately grab their attention is a must-do. Start your SMS marketing message with an attention grabber – one or a couple of words in upper case. Examples are: “NEWS,” “SALE” or “SPECIAL OFFER.”


1. Never Bombard Customers with Messages 

Timing is essential but the frequency is equally important. Don't ever send text messages just to say you are sending something. If you have nothing useful to say or offer, simply stay quiet. Your SMS marketing messages must deliver value and some real-time benefits to those who opted in for your SMS communication. Otherwise, you will end up annoying people and eventually start losing subscribers. Remember, less is more!

2. Avoid Text Slang and Abbreviations

Even though there are just 160 characters to work with, texting abbreviations are very risky to use in business communication which is also the same that applies to text slang. Remember, not everyone understands texting abbreviations and slang. It might seem smart to take advantage of the so limited space in a more rational way, you are only risking confusion of your customers. You can also disable them so that they can comprehend your message correctly. If your customers are clueless about what you are talking about, they will end up simply ignoring your message, or decide to unsubscribe at worst, Professionalism in SMS marketing communication has to stay on a certain level. Unprofessional language can affect negatively, the perception of your brand.

3Never Forget to Identify Yourself

Just as in any other life situation, when you are meeting someone new, the first thing you do is to introduce yourself to them. SMS marketing communication is not any different too. Ensure your subscribers know who is messaging them as this is of key importance for your brand recognition. Once you make yourself known to your audience, your messages will immediately become engaging and relevant. Otherwise, your messages might be considered spams if you text anonymously.