How VoIP Service Providers Can Generate More Revenue?

How VoIP Service Providers Can Generate More Revenue?
7 Mar

How VoIP Service Providers Can Generate More Revenue?

Posted by TeleOSS

Innovative Business Models for VoIP Service Providers to Maximize Their Business and Revenue

VoIP service providers make significant investments to ensure they have the best infrastructure to offer reliable VoIP connectivity to their subscribers. Due to staggering cost of VoIP services and introduction of LTE Calling and Wi-Fi Calling facilities, subscribers are less inclined towards VoIP in the current market. Even carriers and operators are struggling hard with falling revenue from VoIP services across the globe. In such scenario, it becomes imperative for VoIP service providers to explore innovative business models which enable you generate more revenue using the same subscriber and network infrastructure.


With the increasing number of smart devices, the usage of SMS has considerably increased then previous years. Although most of the companies believe that introduction of OTT applications have led to decline of SMS usage but in fact almost all the mobile applications use SMS as their platform to authenticate users based on MSISDN. So, before we jump to conclusion, lets one thing is clear that SMS is still in more demand than before. Almost all the enterprise business have also considered SMS platform as a premium marketing and promotion platform which enables them to reach maximum customers at low cost. Whether it is hospitality, BFSI or enterprise segments, Bulk SMS service is part of their marketing campaign. There are majorly three main players in Bulk SMS business like Telecom Operators, SMS Aggregators, and SMS Resellers. In order to begin your business in Bulk SMS business, you can start as a SMS reseller.

SMS resellers deal with enterprise business and companies in the market who need large volume of SMS to be sent to subscribers across the city, state or country. Based on the size and volume of the SMS, resellers offer their pricing for each SMS. In order to ensure faster delivery and maximum successful delivery, you will need a robust SMS Gateway solution. As VoIP service provider, you can easily generate maximum business from your existing Enterprise Subscribers in the region.


In addition to the VoIP and Bulk SMS business, VoIP providers can also offer bundled service of email. All the companies need email marketing facilities by which they can rotate large of emails on their database. Normally, companies invest huge amount on bulk email software, but using bundled service they will have to use only single platform and contact single provider. This benefit will solve the entire marketing campaign challenges of several companies as they can get call, email and text bundled offer from same provider.


It is important to increase your subscriber base and business reach, so that you can increase the volume of SMS and emails by which you can generate maximum revenue. With the help of the SMS gateway software platform, you can increase business reach to new countries and regions also. TeleOSS is an award winning SMS gateway which supports multi-region, multi-currency and multi-invoicing facities. There are several features which are highly demanded by SMS aggregators in the market. It is complied to the Telecom norms and regulations by which you can easily enhance your business without any limitations.


Just like VoIP business, the key to gain success in Bulk SMS business is through maintain minimal downtime and providing highest quality of services. The only way of maintaining minimal downtime is by investing in robust SMS gateway like TeleOSS. There are several open source SMS gateways available in the market but it comes with several limitation ultimately leading to loss of business. Make smart choice of choosing TeleOSS SMS gateway and maximize your business growth.


With the help of features available in TeleOSS SMS gateway, VoIP service providers have the flexibility to maximize their Bulk SMS services to next level, i.e. SMS Wholesaler. As a wholesaler, you can manage multiple SMS resellers under you and manage large volume of SMS from each reseller using the TeleOSS platform.

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