OTT Gateway: What it Means, The Benefit, and How it Works

18 Sep

OTT Gateway: What it Means, The Benefit, and How it Works

Posted by TeleOSS

OTT which means “Over the Top” is a media service offered directly to viewers using the internet. What this basically means is that all communications are charged as data.

Let us help you understand this, in the past, mobile network providers controlled and were used to send messages while charging you a fee per message. But with the rise of the internet, all you need to have is a Smartphone, a network connection and an active data plan. With companies introducing messaging software and platforms that use the internet, your messages can be sent via the internet thereby avoiding charges from network providers.

OTT software like WhatsApp, Viber, Wechat, Facebook, Skype etc. have revolutionized the OTT market allowing users to send messages, videos, advertisement, graphics and links over wireless networks. OTT also offers much more flexibility and capability and offers an edge to other platforms like Email and SMS, allowing businesses using bulk email campaigns and bulk SMS campaigns to leverage on OTT platforms.

Benefits of OTT

OTT offers a lot of services and various benefits such as:

  • It saves tons of money: internet charge rate is based on OTT platforms being used and is independent of network providers. Watching live videos, streaming videos, online classes, and movies, accessing social media websites are all charged based on the usage rate and on the internet data package being used. Local and international calls and text messages are also cheaper using OTT software because the landing cost of OTT messaging is much lesser than SMS.

  • It allows a larger audience reach and better audience engagement: OTT allows you to reach a wide range of people across many demographics. You can connect with audiences of all ages, groups, and genders with the added ability to target audiences based on specific interests. SMS allow for a more personal interaction and is also available on every device making it the best way to reach a large audience. Messages can be sent to the target audience via bulk messaging, which is made easier using OTT.

Usability: OTT platforms are very easy to use. They require only a Smartphone or a PC, an internet connection and an active data plan and you are ready to go. It is therefore very easy to making the transition to OTT.

  • Convenience: Accessing content on OTT platforms are quite easy since the internet isn’t bounded by location and can be accessed anywhere, anytime and from any device, making it easy to send messages or make calls at anytime or on any device.

  • Safety and Security: OTT platforms ensure security of content and end-to-end user encryption to provide privacy and data safety. This ensures that your network, communication, and information shared between you and your clients are secured.

  • Easier to set a budget: OTT provides feedback by way of data analytics. This allows you to set your budget for future OTT use. It allows you to change content or improve content based on what the data metrics show.


OTT services have risen dramatically in popularity over the years. From being initially used for online streaming of TV programs and videos, it now offers numerous other services such as instant messaging.

As great as OTT messaging app such as WhatsApp, messenger, etc. are, they however come with their own set of challenges especially for marketers and businesses. Most OTT messaging apps vary in functionality, popularity, and region. Research also shows that half of mobile users do not own a Smartphone not to talk of having OTT messaging software. This poses a challenge for the marketer and business owner and requires that they find a solution.

Taking a look at SMS, on the other hand, it is very reliable and familiar. It also works the same regardless of location and device type, it doesn’t require any technological know-how nor does it require a Smartphone. All phones are also inbuilt with an SMS app therefore no need for installation and they allow for a more personal interaction. Their major disadvantage though is that they are cost intensive, especially when targeting a large audience.

How then can the advantages of OTT software and SMS be added to starve their respective disadvantages so marketers and business owners can effectively leverage on OTT? The answer: SMS gateway software solution.

What this means is that large scale SMS and OTT messages can be sent using a single software solution. TeleOSS SMS gateway software solution has been specifically designed and developed to support Bulk SMS and the platform has been pre-integrated with some of the well-known and standard OTT platforms like Viber, WhatsApp etc.

The solution has the ability to handle highly scalable network with millions of messages per second. The solution is built on open architecture and enables enterprises and brands to integrate it easily with their existing businesses to launch personalized business process for enhanced productivity.