Reasons Why SMS- SMS Software Providers Are Essential to IOT?

8 Oct

Reasons Why SMS- SMS Software Providers Are Essential to IOT?

Posted by TeleOSS

The speedy increase in super-fast 5G and cloud technology seems to promise the human planet an unshakable stage of the internet, which will aid business automation. By creating a brand new ecosystem of fully-connected devices and technologies, revolution and impact will be made and felt in every industry. Such technology includes safe M2P and M2M communication. However, SMS is the most reliable; due to its simplicity, ubiquity, and its assurance of relaying contents to the recipient. The steady thriving despite the fact that SMS just celebrated its 20th anniversary proves those aforementioned points.

Another merit of SMS is that even if mobile data are unavailable -- or switched off -- it reaches users all over the world. Therefore, it is almost 100% certain that your SMS will be received by the recipient, as it does not depend on the Internet. Also, ISPs are technologically harmonized via SMS all over the world. Consequently, Application-to-Person (A2P SMS) keeps thriving and tempting other advanced high-techs like IoT to venture into its deployment.

SMS has become a crucial feature for IoT, M2M developers, and enterprises, even though the world is becoming ever more connected and automated. It is thus, the only communication channel that works on every cellular-enabled device and every network. SMS is the most effective data-transfer channel, which is of supreme importance for IoT. Although both the A2P and P2P form of messaging is important to IoT depending on what you want to use it for — be it an alert for human beings or machines, SMS tends to play a good role in everything it is incorporated in.

It also proves noteworthiness in the communication system of IoT, especially in the area of sending notifications, alerts, and other critical information.

To ease scanning through the lists, we've analyzed —in numbers — why SMS is crucial to the IoT system.

1. Global coverage

SMS service spreads across the world. The 2G, 3G, 4G, and the latest 5G networks are enabling SMS to reach every corner of the globe. These networks are stable and mature enough to guarantee safe message delivery, which is of vital importance for the IoT.

2. Sky-high deliverability

However, to achieve exuberant deliverability, it is recommended you choose a reliable SMS API provider, SMS platform, or SMS carrier like us (Teleoss SMS gateway Platform). With a provider like us, your SMS is assured almost a hundred percent rate of deliverability.

3. It is very reliable

It is important for every organization to use a communication channel that is reliable and can guarantee prompt delivery of your message. SMS serves this purpose and also becomes a safety net for other channels — if there's — when there's no mobile data or the power supply has been cut off.

4. Power-efficient

In cases where SMS is not used and there is a low or even optimum power supply, you'll have to create a durable connection to the IP-based IoT machine in charge of the communication channel, and ensure that it stays awake. SMS is perfect for situations like this since it does not require any or just a little power supply.

So what do the SMS future promises?

GSMA predicts that by 2025, the cumulative number of IoT connections will rise to 25.2 billion. 3.1 billion is expected to be running on a cellular connection, 42% of the 3.1 billion will operate on 5G, 4G, 3G, and 2G networks, and the other 58% will be on Low Power Wide Area Network technology, shorthand as LPWAN. This rise will grab the attention of IoT industries in implementing SMS more than ever before.


Just as SMS is essential to IoT, it is also important to all MNOs, SMS resellers, SMS aggregators, and other organizations that crave for sales generation and customer engagement through A2P SMS campaigns. And that is why our company, TeleOSS, stays focused at developing the best SMS software solution that suits this objective. Get your customers satisfied, engaged, and venture into our best in class SMS gateway platform right away!