SMPP Vs SIGTRAN Vs SS7 Server: Everything You Need To Know About

16 May

SMPP Vs SIGTRAN Vs SS7 Server: Everything You Need To Know About

Posted by TeleOSS

The bulk SMS service, software, and applications market is one of the ever-demanding and highly expanding markets across the world. Regardless of how much technological advancement we have achieved or any OTT platform we have launched, SMS - the king of the messaging platforms will still remain the favorite of all the telecom players, customers, and businesses. Have you wondered why?

It's a huge topic but some of the notable points are no dependency on the internet, a secured platform, and protocols & solutions designed to support the SMS system.

The increasing number of SMS, and usage of SMS across the B2B and B2C segments for marketing their products and services, gave birth to the business segment today known as Bulk SMS business. Small to large businesses across the globe use this technique to promote their products and services. However, there are a few essential solutions in the bulk SMS network which you need to know about. If you are in this industry or you are interested to start a bulk SMS business then you will come across the terms like SMPP, SS7, and Sigtran.

Before we jump into the details of these SMS software solutions and compare how they are different from each other, let’s start with the basics of what does what.


SMPP or Short Message Peer-to-Peer is a protocol in information technology. The SMPP Gateway is used in sending and receiving messages on mobile phones, including GSM, iDEN, CDMA, UMTS, and TDMA. It utilizes a level 7 TCP/IP, which means a faster SMS delivery.

SMPP is the means for you to receive and send messages from your cell phone. An SMS message goes through the SMPP to connect to an external system and then to the SMPP Server in a message center. SMPP SMS Gateway allows and handles high volumes of SMS at a time.


SS7 or Signaling System 7 is a standard in international communications that offloads PTSN traffic congestion to a digital wireline or wireless broadband network. It has high-speed circuit switches and digital signaling points that can exchange information between SS7-capable nodes.

What this means for SMS is quicker delivery with little to no lead time when receiving or sending messages. It also reduces the need for more resources, and therefore a cost-effective way to handle message termination.


SIGTRAN or Signaling Transport is another IT protocol that serves as an extension of the SS7 family. It is unique in that it uses a specific IP transport, which is the Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP). It sends SS7 signals directly over the internet via the SIGTRAN SS7 Gateway. SIGTRAN Gateway utilizes the internet as a resource for speedy global delivery

SIGTRAN widens the reach of SMS messaging and uses the internet for high-speed delivery on a global scale. It ensures that a greater volume of text messages is sent simultaneously.

What is the difference between SMPP Vs SS7 Vs Sigtran?

So, if you read the specifications of each of these software solutions they all have their own purpose in the network depending on what stage the SMS network or the telecom network is in today. Basically, SMPP is an application protocol that runs on the top of the IP layer and has limited interaction with the transport network. However, it is easy to use, reliable software for small to medium-sized SMS businesses with a certain size of SMS traffic.

If we talk about SS7 then it is an application that needs a level of expertise to handle and manage the link layer and network-layer protocols. SMS Wholesale and Hub providers with large volumes, or telecom operators with a huge volume of SMS traffic should have access to SS7. The SS7 was designed and developed to support the existing telecom network and there was a need for a solution that could understand the signals of IP networks which gave birth to the Sigtran.

Sigtran manages the same set of functions as SS7 for call management and SMS alerts, however, it uses the IP network and SCTP transport network, unlike SS7 which uses UDP & TCP network. With the increasing demand for Sigtran in VoIP, SMS, and media segments & applications it is known as the media gateway as well.

Why do you need SMPP to Sigtran or SS7 converter?


The SIGTRAN connectivity has a high-performance implementation that makes sending and receiving SMS a quick and reliable event. These properties are critical in an SMS business or any other enterprise because short messaging is what connects retailers to customers of which you can get from our SS7 Messaging Solution.


Depending on the number of licenses you purchase, you will be able to get the exact product deliverables that your business requires. We give fair and honest SMPP2SIGTRAN capacity that you need with straightforward systems for billing and reporting that is useful for your revenue growth.

Load Balancing

With a dedicated SMPP port and SIGTRAN pathway, our TeleOSS system is carefully crafted by experts to bring you a steadfast load-balancing for your SMS termination requirements.

Low Ownership Cost

With our SS7 SIGTRAN SMS Gateway, we offer an interface for other SIGTRAN application servers because we understand how cost-effectivity is vital in any aspect of a business. Our premium SMPP2SIGTRAN offering to you is on a per-license basis so that you only pay for what you need. You can enjoy the benefits of our standard license with no additional charges so that you can allocate your budget accordingly.

Log Filing

With our SS7 Protocol Stack, we provide reasonable log validity of one (1) month for SMS transactions and a 7-day log availability for other transactions. You get the information that you need and monitor your conversions carefully using a predefined log format.

Final Takeaway

As a telecom operator, VoIP service providers or SMS Wholesale service provider, SMPP 2 Sigtran/SS7 converter has huge benefits for your business as well network. Enhance the security and reliability of the SMS delivery.

With the increasing security conditions by the Telecom government bodies across different countries in the world, SIGTRAN has become mandatory for SMS and VoIP players to deal with. Any request or application that does not support SIGTRAN or SS7 will not be useful in the future. If you are looking to replace the existing software solution and move advanced network solution then contact us today and check our features & functionalities before you decide.

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