SMS Gateway for E-commerce Industries

SMS Gateway for E-commerce Industries
9 Jun

SMS Gateway for E-commerce Industries

Posted by TeleOSS

Ecommerce companies use a variety of strategies to reach out to their customers - whether it is through in-depth articles or through social media platforms. An ideal way to stay connected with their customers, the companies also use SMS gateways to provide the customers with timely updates and discounts/deals/offer details. Text messages are an extremely fast and cost-effective way of staying in contact with customers, even when a company wants to reach out to a wide customer base at the same time without failure.

SMS Gateway Solutions are beneficial for the eCommerce industry in many ways. Here are some of the most common offerings by SMS Gateway service providers for eCommerce companies.

Promotional SMS

Ecommerce companies are not just in the business of selling, but a great part of their services includes promoting their brand and products/services as well. Promotional SMS solutions help them achieve their marketing strategies and goals. Promotional SMS solutions offer customisation in creating various promotional campaigns, with which you can convey to your customers about discounts or sales.

OTP messages

Mostly used by eCommerce platforms offering their services through mobile apps, OTP messages are some of the best ways for the eCommerce companies to offer their customers enhanced security and prevention against unauthorised access.

Transactional messages

Apart from promotions and authentications, eCommerce businesses are also responsible for providing transparent and comprehensive customer services. For example, transactional SMS is used to help the customers stay updated after they place an order with an eCommerce company. Right from sending order confirmations to updates about dispatching and out for delivery messages, these messages help create transparent communication with the customers.

Transactional SMS has nothing to do with promotions, but if good customer service is considered a part of effective marketing strategies, transactional SMS helps in the long run.

SMS Gateway Solution for Start-Ups By TeleOSS

Start-ups and small eCommerce businesses across the globe use TeleOSS’ SMS Gateway solutions for bulk SMS services. TeleOSS’ solutions are highly flexible, making it easier for start-ups and small businesses to meet their requirements. SMS Gateway is the most suitable investment for the e-commerce companies. Companies can manage their promotional SMS, brand awarness program through SMS, customer support, delivery management internally using TeleOSS SMS Platform.

TeleOSS system sync well with all major Telecom operators

TeleOSS company has a direct and strong partnership with industry-leading telecom operators and in-house smart SMS Gateway system that let any telecom operating system sync well with TeleOSS platform.

Easy scheduling or resending

Ecommerce businesses are actively looking for ways to leverage technology to make their business operations and services smoother, and more convenient. With personalised SMSing options, TeleOSS SMS Gateway software solutions help the eCommerce companies in scheduling campaigns.

Solutions like TeleOSS SMS Gateway software solution help the eCommerce companies in sending out SMS in bulk at the right time. With slicing/scheduling services or excluding the customers who have opted out, the company helps e-commerce companies schedule OTP messages within a particular time after the customer registers or during particular hours before their products are getting delivered.

Real-time reports

Ecommerce companies who value customers, and prioritise customer services above all, will always want to make sure whether the services they claim to offer are indeed getting delivered to their customers.

Many eCommerce companies will work on creating promotional messages or personalised delivery update messages but sending them at the right time by scheduling them is important. But the ultimate goal is that the customers receive the SMS at the right time.

TeleOSS solutions software provides the eCommerce companies with track delivery status features of each, and every SMS sent in real-time. An eCommerce business can also make use of click reports of TeleOSS SMS Gateway software solutions to measure, test and optimise the performance of their promotional campaigns.

Multilingual SMS composition

Communication is one of the best marketing strategies that can be used by any brand and is not restricted to e-commerce brands alone. While English is accepted widely worldwide on an official level, many countries' customers still prefer to see text messages in their regional language. Ecommerce start-ups can use this smart communication strategy for better communication and better conveying of their message to the customers belonging to a specific demographic or region.

TeleOSS SMS Gateway software solution helps companies by composing their SMS in various required languages and personalising them to cater to specific groups of people.

Customer Support

Start-ups, especially new e-commerce ones, can always use some customer support from time to time. TeleOSS has many years of expertise and experience with various sizes of eCommerce companies and can surely offer some of the best support to the new start-ups that often come with zero experience.


TeleOSS SMS Gateway software solution is specifically designed for bulk SMS, which is why it can handle and work well even with excessive load. The software is designed to be fast and secure and is often suitable for business scaling.