The What and Why of SMS Wholesale Hubbing Solution

The What and Why of SMS Wholesale Hubbing Solution
10 May

The What and Why of SMS Wholesale Hubbing Solution

Posted by TeleOSS

In the new age technology world, it is important for all the businesses to cope up their pace with the current market. Telecom industry is one of the core segment which is touched by the technological revolution at first. During the earlier times when the SMS service was launched in the market, telecom operators did not presume that the volume will increase to such an extent that they will have to offload the volume to smaller networks.

Even in the age of smart phones and OTT applications, the volume of SMS has not reduced and in fact operators are expanding their business network to international markets. In traditional cases, service operators need to make several bi-lateral ties with international carrier operators to run their business as the third party network will be consumed. The costly deal of SMS termination to international service provider network has given birth to the need of a platform which can reduce the complexity in foreign engagement, international business expansion and cater scalable network.

The latest solution that helps the new SMS business structure is SMS hub solution which can help in reshaping the international interoperability, managing SMS traffic and coverage across multiple service provider connections. The SMS hub solution has the flexibility to route the SMS traffic from one country to another which ultimately helps the service provider to choose the least cost routing connection and ultimately landing on the desired destination. The revenue saved and earned through this mechanism can help service providers in saving billions of dollars. With simple investment of SMS Hub in the network, the return of investment is pretty faster.

Along with the least cost routing and real-time traffic monitoring, there are several other features and functionalities which helps service providers to launch innovative business models for enterprise customers looking bulk SMS, OTT, etc.

TeleOSS is a leading provider of carrier grade SMS wholesale hubbing solution across the globe. The SMS Hub solution offers a wide range of features and functionalities which can help you in reducing the SMS termination cost and enhancing business reach across foreign markets. TeleOSS SMS Hub platform supports A2P, P2P and Bulk messaging services. You can avoid complex roaming agreements and offer a seamless experience to your customers. Scale up your network to billions of messages and more without any limitations. With minimal investment you can generate large amount of revenue and win customer satisfaction. The solution comes with several features that can help in enhancing your current business processes and network operations.

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