Transforming Bulk Messaging Industry with Bulk OTT Messaging Gateway

Transforming Bulk Messaging Industry with Bulk OTT Messaging Gateway
13 Jul

Transforming Bulk Messaging Industry with Bulk OTT Messaging Gateway

Posted by TeleOSS

Short Messaging Service (SMS) have dominated the industry for a while and still it is the major source of alerting, authenticating and promotional messaging platform which almost all the enterprise companies utilize. However, with the surge in OTT applications in the market, enterprise customers started exploring newer options of sending promotional messaging leveraging the OTT applications. Until last year there were very limited options which could actually enable OTT bulk messaging. With the new solutions available now in the market, customers have the benefit of choosing their choice of trending OTT applications in their region and send high volume without any limitations. 

This has not only lead the enterprise segment to enjoy new features and benefits of approaching the customers but the SMS Aggregators, Resellers and SMS wholesalers have also got a complete new platform to tap and generate more revenue. Some of the major benefits of OTT messaging gateway are explained below for your reference:


The OTT Messaging Gateway is similar to the SMS gateway which has the capability to broadcast high volume of messages in a single to users defined in the system. In addition to the existing process, OTT messaging gateway offers a new set of features to combine different OTT applications as per the business requirements and customer segment.

Minimal Cost

Unlike the SMS packages which needs to be purchased from the operator, SMS Aggregators and Resellers have a better opportunity to tap the market by selling the plans directly to customers without any upper layer. Only thing that you need is the OTT messaging gateway with the right set of customer base. The cost of sending and managing the OTT messages is much lower than that of SMS.

Dynamic Content

Although SMS is the leading choice of customers currently for promoting their products and services, OTT offers a step of sharing digital content through the gateway. OTT Aggregators and Resellers can send URL Links, Videos, Images, Files, etc. to customers directly through the gateway to their application. 

Business Operation

Almost all the smart phone users are using OTT applications like WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, etc. to stay connected with their families and friends. And all the smart phones are enabled with 3G/4G/Wi-Fi connectivity as it is lifeless without it. Leveraging this opportunity, business houses are exploring options to automate their business operations by which they can track their sales team, delivery team and other business teams through OTT messaging. 

Interactive Features

OTT messaging can be configured and designed in such a way that the entire conversation of communicating with the customer can be made interactive. Just by dialling specific number, customers can reach the support team or sales team without the need of call centre. This approach can help in reducing the calls to support and offering better support within time line. 


OTT messaging gateways is not only a great platform for the existing SMS aggregators, marketers and resellers to tap but also perfect for enterprise businesses to approach customers differently. Unique business models, business automation processes and highly dynamic content can be shared with the customers using OTT gateway. It is interoperable, integrable, flexible and highly scalable to accommodate high volume of messages. For information regarding OTT gateway, you can reach us at