What is a Signaling Gateway?

What is a Signaling Gateway?
22 Jun

What is a Signaling Gateway?

Posted by TeleOSS

A signaling gateway is a network component that transfers signaling messages (such as information about call setup, billing, location, short messages, address conversion, and other services) between Common Channel Signaling (CCS) nodes that use different protocols and transports.

In simple terms, a signaling gateway is a device that converts signaling messages from one format to another and sends them across networks. A SIGTRAN signaling gateway, for example, translates PSTN SS7 signals to SIGTRAN for IP transport.

Power of a Signaling Gateway –

  • Offloads PTSN traffic congestion
  • Has high-speed circuits to exchange info to and from SS7 nodes
  • Standard in international communications
  • Cost-effective message termination

TeleOSS SMPP to SIGTRAN Converter

TeleOSS's SMPP to SIGTRAN converter enables an SMPP client to access many mobile networks by allowing SIGTRAN connections to incorporate the internet, extending the global reach of messages.

SIGTRAN to SMPP Converter Full default license provides a dedicated, high-performance outbound SIGTRAN connection for SMPP conversion management. The converter lacks a graphical user interface, but all pertinent data, configurations, and transaction logs are accessible via file. Log files for conversion transactions can be read in a preset manner. In addition, one (1) month of SMS transactional log data is made available.

TeleOSS is a well-known name in the Converged and Unified Messaging Suite industry. The TeleOSS SMS Gateway Software delivers a highly scalable application for aggregators, service providers, resellers, and merchants alike, with exceptional dependability in routing, and intensive reporting. In addition, it has a fully operational SMS aggregation and termination control and support system.

Every client may handle single, mass, and group messages efficiently with the TeleOSS SMS Gateway Software, which has been improved with the latest features and a secure system.

TeleOSS is a one-stop-shop for SMS delivery. More is undoubtedly better with its operational, control, and support functions.