What is an SMS Aggregator and How to be an SMS Aggregator

What Is an SMS Aggregator and How to be an SMS Aggregator
30 Mar

What is an SMS Aggregator and How to be an SMS Aggregator

Posted by TeleOSS

SMS has gained worldwide popularity as an all-around communication tool in this digital era for the last two decades. It's not only for personal use, but it also becomes a dynamic and universal business tool. Businesses can easily communicate or facilitate their national as well as international customers.

SMS users' demand for reasonable and high-quality messaging capability is increasing day by day, and that's where we need to consider SMS aggregators. So here in this article, let's understand What Is an SMS Aggregator and How to be an SMS Aggregator?

What is an SMS Aggregator?

SMS aggregator is a mobile telecom company with many agreements with mobile operators to send and receive SMS to their system and the MNO’s SMSC. So basically works as an intermediary platform between businesses that require communication with end-users and mobile operators. Also, we can say that it is a link between carrier networks and SMS Gateway Software providers like Teleoss. SMS Aggregator helps businesses avoid the requirements of signing a particular agreement with each operator with whom they think to work.

So, if you are a Teleoss user and need to send SMS to your clients, we do not send it to each network. We will use an SMS aggregator. We will send your data to an SMS aggregator, and then the SMS aggregator finds out the best carrier for us and then sends it to them. It is a quick process.

How to be an SMS Aggregator?

To be an SMS Aggregator is a challenging thing. But this is a profitable business that helps telecom businesses, industrial entrepreneurs and end-users. So if you have decided to be an SMS aggregator, you can go for one of the below options:

- Buy an SMS Gateway software and be its owner

- Take an SMS Gateway software on rent

- Be a white-labeled reseller of SMS Gateway Software

So if you have contacts of various telecom companies and can deal with them, then the first option is for you. If you cannot do it, renting or reselling SMs gateway software are the best options. These last options provide enough time to know how it works. And once you know this business, you can easily switch from renting to owning an SMS gateway software.

One more thing to consider while choosing these three options is your goal. If you want to be a platform that offers large SMS packages, then buy or rent an SMS software gateway. But if your goal is to offer small packages, you can resell your platform. You can establish a good SMS aggregation business by offering good ROI, pricing and client support. You have to be the best of your competitors with your unique strategies.

Also, whenever you think of being an SMS aggregator, you can contact any good SMS gateway software providers like TeleOSS, who can help you start and expand your business smoothly. Hope this guide helps you understand what an SMS Aggregator is and how to be an SMS Aggregator!