Why SMS Resellers and SMS Aggregators Need 2 Way SMS Messaging Gateway?

2 Way SMS Messaging Gateway
17 Dec

Why SMS Resellers and SMS Aggregators Need 2 Way SMS Messaging Gateway?

Posted by TeleOSS

Enterprise level 2 way messaging SMS is a process by which the sender and receiver can communicate through the 2 way messaging channel. In the fast paced world, it has become difficult for customers to attend the marketing calls or respond to the requirements immediately or timely. In such case, a simple SMS can play vital role in getting things done. But in order to complete any transaction or communication it is important that the message is passed to both parties. That is where the 2 way messaging tunnel process is used.

Simple Example

In simple words, if you want to order a specific product and you do not have time to order then all you need to do is send a message to a short code given on the product website or brochure. You will receive the details regarding the payment or cash on delivery once delivered. The product reaches your home or office and you can make the payment. The transaction becomes so simple and automated that there is minimal manual intervention in it. Time, money and resources saved!

What can customers expect?

By using the 2 way SMS messaging gateway solution customers can expect faster response and build direct link with the end users. Gone are the days when companies used to spam the customer inbox with marketing messages. Now it is the era of smart usage, the same SMS is used to automate the business process and enabling customer support over SMS. In several regions like Africa, Middle East and Asia, companies have started automating their business through SMS automation system which uses 2 way messaging process.

You can deliver highly targeted messages and get real-time monitoring benefit. Based on the business process, SMS resellers and aggregators can also enable bulk promotions or marketing support enterprises. Because of the two step verification followed in the process, spamming/flooding can be prevented. Enterprise customers and their end users will receive only brand specific high quality content that they can opt-out if needed.

What are the benefits of 2 Way Messaging Channel?

There are several benefits of using a 2 Way Channel SMS Gateway for your business. SMS Resellers and Wholesalers also can benefit out of this solution.

Building Customer Base

One sided bulk SMS promotion is parting the way with technological advances. Businesses and customers are looking for channels through which they can speak to brand executives. SMS Resellers and Wholesalers offering bulk SMS services are expected to provide solution that can handle two way messaging so that enterprise business can gain better reach and increase customer base.

Streamlining Business Process

With the help of the SMS Gateway, business processes and customer communication can be streamlined. Whether it is booking appointment through SMS or handling customer queries, 2 way SMS channel can enable a wide range of processes to be automated.

Gaining Feedback

A simple feedback message can also play vital role in changing the brand image of your product/services in the market. Instead of deploying a separate feedback system or resources, you can send SMS to get the results.

If you are looking for a SMS gateway for your SMS reselling or wholesale business in Africa then you must look for a solution that has the 2 way messaging feature along with various industry leading services.