Whys & Hows of starting Bulk SMS Business as SMS Aggregator or SMS Reseller

Whys & Hows of starting Bulk SMS Business
27 Oct

Whys & Hows of starting Bulk SMS Business as SMS Aggregator or SMS Reseller

Posted by TeleOSS

Nowadays the business of advertising is thriving and marketing through bulk SMS is very lucrative platform to provide immediate response to customers. More importantly, Bulk SMS is a very ordinary, time-saving and cost-effective method of communication in today’s business world. Whether it is for new offers, confirmation of the order, renewal notifications, or subscription alerts – all are being roofed through one-way or two-way SMS aggregator based connectivity. Above facts clearly indicate that this is the right time to start your Bulk SMS Business.

Every business cannot bear the huge sum to tie-up with giant telecom players or fulfill the licensing conditions; hence Bulk SMS Aggregators or Bulk SMS resellers are an easily accessible and affordable solution for enterprises of any size and shape. The market size and scope for bulk SMS business huge and as per the recent survey the global market is expected to reach around $71 billion by the year 2020. Thus and so, starting your own Bulk SMS aggregator business to support enterprises in their SMS marketing activities a great idea.

How do they work?

By and large SMS aggregators and resellers work through Bulk SMS gateway based access through which they buy bulk SMS plans and send messages to their customers. Although, they have another profitable option that is to deploy their own Bulk SMS gateway platform and manage their network of clients as well as SMS resellers. As an alternative, aggregators and resellers can configure SMS plans as per the requirements using the Bulk SMS gateway platform and offer to enterprise customers.

A lot of enterprises in the business market need quick delivery Bulk SMS service to send their message to their targeted audience. To share the amount of SMS traffic according to regions the operators need SMS resellers and whole sellers. The SMS whole sellers can buy SMS volume at cheap rates from the operators and then push SMS using either their own platform. Now, the SMS aggregators can generate profit by offering a competitive pricing to enterprise customers and generate faster ROI.

What is highly needed to start this business?

To commence a Bulk SMS gateway business there is no need to have specialized skills or some particular technical qualification. The essential element is powerful network clients and customers from diverse enterprise segment who is willing to augment their business exposure in the market. Having fundamental knowledge and a strong platform for SMS gateway solutions will foster in increasing the business.

Question to think about before starting your own SMS Aggregation Business:

  1. How to get the Gateway for setting-up the business
  2. Whom should you connect
  3. What profit would you make by offering Bulk SMS Services
  4. What are the biggest issues with SMS Aggregators
  5. What are the technology compliance to take care of
  6. How to choose SMS Gateway Software Provider

The final say

A lot of companies pick cheaper products by compromising on product technology. This makes them feel either completely unsatisfied due to lack of technical support, features, scalability or highly developed updates.

Thus, choosing a robust and comprehensive Bulk SMS gateway platform is the wise decision to become a leading and independent SMS Aggregator or SMS reseller with cutting-edge business operational features. TeleOSS proffers SMS Gateway Software solution and OTT Messaging Gateway software solution that facilitates SMS wholesalers, and SMS resellers to offer Bulk SMS messaging services as well as Bulk OTT messages services to their client base. To know more about our solutions, please visit www.teleoss.co

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