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TeleOSS is a one of the leading Bulk SMS Hub Providers who offers best price for sms gateway software. Our Hubbing Experts provide Professional Solution for SMS Aggregators via Smart SMS Hub Software

Aruhat offers integrated interconnection model for messaging, enabling service & network providers (MNO/MVNOs) to reach globally. The platform is build on robust architecture with resilience and scalable to cater ever demanding need of messaging infrastructure. Dynamic rule based routing enables minimum queuing time and no message loss with deployment options of multiple instances, geo-redundant and exhaustive traffic monitoring & analysis are key advantages of platform.

TeleOSS Bulk SMS HUB Architecture

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Key Components & Features of our smart SMS hub Software

TeleOSS SMS hub offers integrated interconnection model for messaging, enabling service & network providers (MNO/MVNOs) to reach globally. The platform provides reliable & easy to use interface, rule based routing engine for routing traffic as per business requirements with live traffic monitoring and exhaustive reporting tool. Key components & respective features of the platform are

Account Management

– Partners
– Subscribers
– Administrator

Service Management

Services Supported
– N number of simultaneous service provider connections
– Static connections
– Configurable keepalives
– Configurable idle timeout
– Outbound fail-over and load balancing
– Asyncrounous operation / windowing
– Configurable source port
Communication Protocols
– GSM modem
– SMPP 3.3 / SMPP 3.4
– HTTP Server
– HTTP Client
– Parlay X
– Configurable to handle protocol variations
Inbound connections
– Inbound connection to integrate with 3rd party applications
– Protocols: SMPP
– Delivery reports
– Partnerwise &service wise connection restriction


SMS Messages
Complete Message Flow
Message enrichment & SMS Firewall


Product Catalog
Multi Currency Support


Reports & Notifications

Live traffic monitoring Dashboard
Auto notifications
MIS & Delivery reports
Business Analytics
– InvoicingProduct Catalog
– Multi Currency Support
– Invoicing

Download SMS Hub DataSheet for more on System Specifications, System Performance, Technical Specifications and Standard Compliance details.

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