A Ready-to-launch SMS Forum: So Why Is Application-to-person SMS Monetization Important (Monetizing A2P SMS )?

18 Sep

A Ready-to-launch SMS Forum: So Why Is Application-to-person SMS Monetization Important (Monetizing A2P SMS )?

Posted by TeleOSS

Recently, the evolving of Over-The-Top services (0ITTs) is intruding on the telecommunication industry and provoking the downswing of P2P SMS usage (Person-to-Person SMS), thereby, causing a reduction in ISPs’ revenue. Thus, voice players and ISPs have been trying to create sources of generating income which they subsequently discovered in business messaging, a.k.a A2P SMS. Despite the fact that OTTs platforms like chatting applications have been menacing and affecting the A2P message effectiveness, messaging businesses still endure the pressing market and continue blooming consequently.

Nowadays that several standard firms are using the A2P SMS to enhance their sales, A2P SMS is presently enjoying high rate of acceptance, even though OTT is becoming the largest SMS traffic generators due to the fact that One Time Password(OTP) is being transmitted daily. However, it is also a chance for the ISPs to get off from their sleeping losses if this advantage is utilized aptly.

What Made A2P SMS So Prominent?

Several firms are making use of SMS to improve their business and marketing communications both internally and externally to their prospects. Why? Because SMS eases the difficulty of texting numerous customers via their mobile phones while still maintaining its uniqueness, quickness, and reliability of promoting offers, coupons, and deals. SMS has been evolving without decrement in enhancing sales since December 3rd, 1992. SMS bulking helps both the provider and the clients to make their profits. On the clients’ side, using SMS in businesses will trot out impeccable broadcasting and receiving SMS across different network channels over to your customers.

How To Make The operationalization of SMS Businesses Faster

Subsequently, the briefly stated facts have identified the reason behind the conclusion of ISPs that A2P SMS is one of the perfect ways of generating revenue and one of the solvent of voice and P2P traffic threats. SMS Gateway software and platforms that will help them to implement this software are also required by the MNOs to help them perform end-to-end operations.

Based on previous experience liaising with ISPs, we’ve discovered that the same patterns are being followed and the outcome is always the slow implementation of SMS business. Even when Mobile Operators fully recognized the ability of already made A2P SMS platform, they still tend to waste reasonable time on 2 basic steps that will be mentioned subsequently.

Step 1: Claiming Self-Sufficiency

Large mobile network operators normally have a large in-house development team. Normally, we may think they should have the potential of establishing an SMS Gateway software solution internally. But after taking some steps and going through much to achieve this, they immediately understand that creating an SMS software may take up to 2 years while full time is still given. For that reason, they make the decision of another way out, which is step 2.

Step 2: Extending Reliance On Their Voice Platform Provider

It is normal again to have the thought that transition from a voice platform to an SMS bulking platform should be easy, right? However, this concept is wrong entirely even though both the SMS business and voice trading are similar; the little differences they have made the transition difficult. As soon as their failure is identified they don’t have a choice but to follow the chain of looking for an already SMS platform provider, and that is where the delayed step comes in step 3.

Step 3: They Search For An SMS Platform Provider

Originally, this should be the initial step, and that is to search for a specific SMS transacting software provider. After the A2P messaging has surged, the monetization process should begin immediately. Therefore, An Already made SMS platform established just for SMS trading is very crucial if substantial rises in revenue are wanted by capitalizing on A2p potentials. Also, it is highly recommended that you make use of an opportunity of sounded business partnership with several operators to enjoy different opportunities like wholesale SMS messaging business. To acquire this, a ready-made software that can fit your needs is required. Moreover, Juniper foretells that all operators will have an external SMS platform provider that will be fully in charge of the entire A2P traffic and its connectivity by 2022.


As a business owner, are you now thinking of monetizing A2P SMS and integrating it into your commercialism affair? If yes, then it means our company’s recommendation sees eye-to-eye with yours. However, before you take that step, consider employing an ideal A2P SMS gateway platform such as ours - TeleOSS. With our wonderful SMS gateway platform, you won’t regret monetizing A2P SMS into your businesses!