SMS Aggregators Are Gaining More Business with Advanced Bulk SMS Gateway Solutions

SMS Aggregators Are Gaining More Business with Advanced Bulk SMS Gateway Solutions
19 Jul

SMS Aggregators Are Gaining More Business with Advanced Bulk SMS Gateway Solutions

Posted by TeleOSS

Although OTT messaging applications have taken all over the world, SMS still has strong presence and its market reach. Even for authenticating the OTT applications, players use SMS platform because it is the simplest and secured mode of authenticating the MSISDN number of the user. Further there are some applications which can even work without the MSISDN number, but for SMS customers need authenticated and active mobile number. So the point is that even in the modern age of OTT applications, enterprise customers still believe in the SMS platform over other options.

With the increasing demand for the Bulk SMS packages in the market, SMS aggregators are constantly looking for better and modern solutions that can enable them to offer the best in class solutions and innovative business models their customers. However, there are few other SMS aggregators who believe in open source/in-house software solutions over industry standard products. In addition to that, there are several benefits that you avail by choosing a standard product line. We have discussed some of the major benefits below which will be of interest to you if you are planning to purchase bulk SMS gateway software solution.

Major Cost Saving

The ultimate goal of any business is to enhance and expand their customer base by offering the best in class services. SMS Aggregators who believe in using open source and outdated in-house software solution believe that they are gaining on current revenue. However, if you see the future cost and revenue then you are losing on the major chunk. Using industry standard solution enables you with the latest and innovative features, functionalities and business models. Moreover, it also enables you to manage your process as per the international standard.

Minimal Dependency

Whether you are using an open source or in-house software, it has be upgraded and updated on the regular basis otherwise, you will be offering the same old packages which will create a platform for your competitors to pitch in. Using industry standard bulk SMS platform allows you to create your business plans and package as per the market trend and enable your customers to enjoy the freedom of reaching their end users uniquely. The dependency of moving from one operator to another over in-house software is higher than the standard SMS platforms. Regardless of which operator service you choose, you can switch effortlessly in standard SMS solutions.

Edge over Competition

Bulk SMS is a highly competitive market and customers believe in the most cost-effective plans that you offer. If your existing operating cost is higher due to the software and infrastructure then obviously your packages will be on the higher side which will make competitors take your market share. You have the freedom of choosing the best operator service, best features & functionalities and best service offering by using the Bulk SMS platform that is developed for international standards.

Innovation and Scalability

In most of the cases it is observed that over the period SMS aggregators had to move to the industry standard SMS gateway platform because ultimately when it comes to innovation and scalability, the in-house or open source software solutions are not capable enough to cater the needs. Moreover, with the growing network and user scalability, it is important that you also have manageable infrastructure that YOU can control not the software CONTROLS you.


Having said that, we believe that when there is complete team which dedicated working on an industry standard features & Functionalities you have the benefit of standardising your business processes as well as network by choosing one. If you are planning to purchase SMS Gateway platform for your business then do keep posted in the comment section.