Will A2P Be SMS For Business’ Lifeline?

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Will A2P Be SMS For Business’ Lifeline?

Short Message Service, popularly known as SMS, came into being only a few decades ago. It rose to prominence soon and became a convenient medium to converse over phone calls. However, the tech that brought us SMS evolved further, giving rise to messaging platforms that we see today that allow users to communicate free of cost, in contrast to the SMS system.

With an even more convenient system that lets users know if the people they have sent the message to have seen it or are typing a reply, the old SMS system is on the decline. Naturally, these messaging platforms replaced the popularity of SMS. This has brought us to believe that perhaps it is the end of the era of the SMS system. But is that true? Or is there more to it? We find out the answers in this blog.

The Rise Of A2P

While most of us are familiar with P2P (person-to-person) messaging in SMS, A2P (application-to-person) is likely to be a newer concept for many. Considering the impact of SMS on the general public, several businesses utilize the A2P concept to establish a connection with users.